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Welcome to the fourth, highly exciting instalment of Who What Wear UK’s Best Wardrobes in Britain. It’s where we do exactly what that the title says on the tin: delve into the most fantastical, awe-inspiring and downright influential wardrobes in this fair country of ours. We’re zeroing in on the girls who cause the street style photographers to press their shutters as much as the women you don’t yet know—the ones who fly under the radar with secretly incredible clothing collections.

Today is all about Anna Vitiello and Florrie Thomas of the burgeoning style site and Instagram account, &FINALLY. These lovely London ladies established their friendship while working on the fashion team at Harper’s Bazaar, and, thanks to sharing a mutual appreciation (read: obsession) with accessories, they set up &FINALLY to chart their passion. Now you’ll find them being snapped nonstop during Fashion Week, eliciting jealousy among other editors for their incredible wardrobes and, most of all, being lovely, upbeat, creative girls to hang out with—and we should know, as we spent the day delving into their closets for your enjoyment.

Keep reading to jump inside Anna and Florrie’s wardrobes and glean some excellent outfit tips along the way.


(Image credit: Phill Taylor; On Anna Vitiello: Baum Und Pferdgarten sweater; COS trousers; Manolo Blahnik shoes; Vintage belt.)

WHO WHAT WEAR UK: What was your first big purchase, and what did it mean to you?

ANNA VITIELLO: Actually, it was a small thing—I wasn’t earning much, so I had to be disciplined—but a white diamond pavé ring in Greece after securing my first permanent position in a magazine. My boyfriend subsequently bought the matching black diamond band to match.

FLORRIE THOMAS: A Prada bag that I bought at Bicester Village. It was still way beyond what I could afford and so far from the often-advised “classic investment piece” (it’s a turquoise plaid bowling bag…), but I had shot it a few years before for a shoot and fallen in love with its eccentricity. I thought if I still loved it, then I would love it forever, and so far, I do. It’s a “non-classic” classic, which for me is the best kind of investment.

WWW UK: And what was the last thing you both bought?

AV: Loewe suede shearling-lined boots. I have a lot of boots, but they’re pretty special.

FT: Some crystal earrings from & Other Stories. They are asymmetric and completely fabulous, and I’ve been wearing them to every Christmas party with my favourite Racil tuxedo à la our styling guide to party dressing!


(Image credit: Phill Taylor; On Florrie Thomas: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi dress.)

WWW UK: Where do you think your obsessions with accessories came from?

FT: It’s truly lifelong. My family have always referred to me as “the bag lady,” as I used to take multiple handbags to the playground with me and would be dripping with all my (plastic) jewellery as I played on the swings. When I started working in fashion, I quickly realised that while I couldn’t afford so many of the clothes I loved, all I really needed were beautiful accessories to express myself.

AV: I remember walking down Via Condotti every summer with my family in Rome to choose my one summer gift, and all I wanted was a bag or a wallet. They were forever purchases at a time when I was only allowed one thing, and I still feel the same way (even if I shop a little more now) as much as I do love clothes.


(Image credit: Phill Taylor)

WWW UK: What are your getting ready processes each morning?

AV: I tend to pick a colour scheme. This is for two reasons: 1) outfits come together more easily and 2) It helps me pick bits out of my ever more bulging wardrobe.

FT: I’d love to pretend I plan my outfits the night before, but it’s mostly quite chaotic! However, It normally starts with a particular piece that I’m excited to wear and then everything gets styled around it. Often shoes first and then bags last.

WWW UK: Use three words to explain your personal styles.

AV: Classic, eclectic and Italian.

FT: Colourful, feminine with a healthy dose of the ’70s.



(Image credit: Phill Taylor; On Anna Vitiello: Vintage jacket; Iris and Ink trousers; Loewe shoes.)

WWW UK: What are you both really into right now?

FT: Ooh—so many things! I love mid-priced designers like Rixo, Rejina Pyo, Ganni and Isa Arfen. I think it’s so cool that because of platforms like Instagram, designers like this no longer have to rely on being bought by big stores to grow a following. Discovering new ones is my favourite past time. The same goes for accessories designers. I love so many new brands like Aeyde, ByFar, Danse Lente and Neous that are producing accessories that are simple and unbranded and rely simply on impeccable, modern design. Jewellery-wise, I’m into Jessie Thomas’s jewellery. She’s an extremely talented goldsmith training with her father David Thomas (an incredible, established goldsmith), and her pieces are so classic but so creative and timeless. She’s about to launch her first collection, which is beautiful, so stay tuned.

AV: Belting absolutely everything. When it’s cold out, it’s easy to layer and layer and feel like an overweight polar bear. But we recently did a piece on scarves to invest in, and it reminded me that belting them gives them a new lease on life.


(Image credit: Phill Taylor; On Florrie Thomas: Loewe dress; Ganni bag; Alighieri earrings.)

WWW UK: Do you ever regret anything you wear? Or have any strong memories of fashion regret?

AV: I don’t regret anything I wear—I’d always much rather have fun with it and make huge mistakes. But I do sometimes do shoots or turn up to fashion week not having thought my outfit through very much or having gotten dressed in a real rush. Then, I look at the pictures and think, good God, Anna, look in a mirror before you leave next time!

FT: Oh my gosh, yes! It’s normally when you see a picture and you think, what was I thinking? however, more often than not, I don’t regret what I wear, and I love to experiment with fashion, so I’d prefer the occasional regret than playing it safe the whole time. I also often regret wearing suede things when it rains.

WWW UK: If your wardrobe was burning down (god forbid!), which one piece would you try to save?

FT: A necklace that my mum gave me for my 21st—it was hers, and she used to wear when she was 21. It’s not really worth anything, but it’s very special to me, and my mum is one of my greatest style inspirations, her love, creativity and respect for clothes taught me to have the same, and she always looks impeccable no matter what she’s wearing.

AV: My Sergio Rossi boots. I've had them for years and they still look perfect. My dad says you can always tell an Italian by their shoes, (because they’re good, I assume), and I wouldn’t want to let the side down.


(Image credit: Phill Taylor; On Anna Vitiello: Loewe coat; Holzweiler sweatshirt; Mother jeans; Pascale James earrings.)

WWW UK: How do you both like to go shopping? Alone? Together? Online or in physical stores?

AV: I browse endlessly online—like window shopping for the lazy. But I do still love shopping in places that feel special, and especially at Christmas—Sloane Street, Bicester Village or Kings Road, for example. Oh, and abroad—shopping in other European cities is one of my favourite sports.

FT: Always alone and ideally in brick-and-mortar shops. I obviously do shop online, but I always fall more in love with things in the flesh, and I love the fact that you can try it on and decide there and then. I love vintage shopping and the thrill of rummaging through a store full of potential treasures too.



(Image credit: Phill Taylor; On Florrie Thomas: J.W.Anderson top; Levi's jeans; Sandro shoes.)

WWW UK: Is there anything you buy or wear on repeat?

AV: I develop strange addictions, so it’s seasonal for me. At the moment, berets and anything in a terra-cotta hue. But my handbags are always on repeat: Just now I’m rotating my mini Fendi Peekaboo, The Kooples Emily bag and the Chanel Gabrielle.

FT: I have a problem with buying floaty, floral often vintage dresses. I have more than any lady needs, but I love them all like they’re my babies.

WWW UK: What’s your fashion outlook for 2018?

FT: I think fashion’s obsession with ’90s minimalism will continue to grow (always with a 21st-century twist—we’re not talking about the revival of the tattoo choker here). I think pieces that feel organic and natural will be a winner next summer with shells, raffia, linen and natural fabrics showing on the runways.

AV: It’s going to be a slow burner for me: This shoot actually prompted me to really refine my wardrobe and stick to keeping the pieces I love (aka those in the pictures) rather than hoarding, so I’ll be mirroring this in my buying. Jewellery is high on my agenda: I’m aiming to curate a collection of special pieces that remind me of this time in my life!

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Opening Images: Phill Taylor

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