The & Other Stories Winter Sale Is Epic—These Items Could Become New Staples

The & Other Stories Winter Sale Is Epic—These Items Could Become New Staples


@thatgirlyusra; Pictured: & Other Stories jacket

Well, look at that. & Other Stories just surprised us with the launch of its major winter sale. We're talking up to 50% off here. Now, here's the thing: There's a lot included in this sale. And sure, everything is legit, but we decided to take a gander through all of the new discounted merchandise to bring you a curation of all of the pieces we're feeling the most (since ordering everything probably isn't an option).

Specifically, we decided to focus on those pieces that have the potential to become new wardrobe staples. Yep, the sweaters, jeans, and outerwear picks coming your way could earn that staple status because they're all versatile and easy to style. And with these steep discounts and potential for repeat wear, that's a lot of bang for your buck.

Keep scrolling to check out standout finds from the & Other Stories sale while they're still in stock.

This will come in handy when the weather warms up.

Be sure to wear this with something that shows off that chic waistband.

All you need is jeans for a cute night-out look.

& Other Stories also excels at denim, tell a friend.

If it has "fuzzy" in the name, we're probably going to want it.

You should be proud of yourself for scoring such a good deal on these.

This trendy $15 necklace will leave you with zero buyer's remorse.

These are comfortable enough to wear on a plane.

Imagine how little room this would take up in a suitcase.

This sweet little top is sure to come in handy.

Such a good deal for such a good pair of pants.

This oversize tote would be great for going back to the office.