The '80-Inspired Shoes Olivia Culpo Is Loving Right Now

Every few seasons or so, we notice a shift in what’s influencing the industry. Right now it’s the exaggerated silhouettes, strong shoulders, and bright color scheme of the ’80s replacing the warm, ’70-inspired tones we saw in prior years. Whether you’ve lived through those years and wore the original iterations or have only these modern inspirations to go on, we can all agree that the past has never been more relevant. Which is exactly why brands like Nine West are tapping into their own archives to bring a fresh perspective on what can only be described as a nostalgic style.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the brand designed a collection that touches on the ethos of every decade from the ’70s to the present. You’ll find everything from metallic heels worthy of the height of disco glam to the XXL platform sandals that could have only emerged from the early aughts. For the launch, Nine West teamed up with Olivia Culpo, who describes the collection to us as a reflection of those iconic moments but also as equally good staple shoes to have in your wardrobe. “I remember a pair of Nine West flats I wore in college every single day,” Culpo says. “They were my first Nine West purchase and just a great staple shoe. I think it’s what they do the best. They’re always on trend, but they offer something for every style and occasion.”

But it’s not just us who are particularly obsessed with the aesthetic of the late 1980s. Olivia is also loving that decade’s influence as of late. The trends she can’t stop wearing? Tiny sunglasses, exaggerated sleeves, and shoulder pads. Suffice it to say, then, that the Nine West shoes she has her eye on are those ’80-inspired styles. “I love white. It’s my go-to color, especially for shoes,” she says. “There’s the Faith shoe with the tiny heel.”


Getty Images/Nine West

On Olivia Culpo: Nine West Faith Pointy Toe Pumps ($139)

Available in sizes 5 to 12.

She plans to style the white heels with high-waisted light-wash denim and a black-and-gold belt. “I’ll probably tuck in an oversize sweater with shoulder pads and top off the whole look with tiny sunglasses,” she says. To re-create her look, she simply advises you to “roll up the sleeves and you’re gonna kill it.”

It’s hard not to imagine how she’ll effortlessly put together that look. We’re always fans of Culpo’s on-trend outfits, so we were curious to find out what influences her personal style. Admitting to taking inspiration from everything and everyone, she told us, “I feel like that’s why I have so much fun with my style. I’m always trying to look different and surprise people. I’m a big fan of Selena Gomez, who always looks interesting and a bit different than the rest. Blake Lively, of course. And Victoria Beckham, whose style is so great. She’s an overall businesswoman and stylish in every aspect.”

Below, shop our favorite shoes by the decade that inspired them from Nine West's 40th-anniversary collection.