How an American Nails Parisian Style


Alyssa Rara

If I’m being honest, American fashion girls enamor me because they have an uncanny ability to slip into outfits you immediately want to wear. They have an understanding of their personal sense of style but aren’t afraid to take risks and experiment with trends in a way that is inspirational and cool. And you know who is killing it right now? Alyssa Rara. The talent relations manager at Revolve and FWRD has a truly unique take on fashion that mixes resurrected vintage pieces with of-the-moment labels.

When she told me she was headed on a trip to Paris, I was instantly intrigued—I’m equally captivated with French style. I was curious about how she would bring her American fashion sensibilities abroad and how Parisian style would impact what she wore.

"I'm guilty of being that American girl in a beret," she told Who What Wear of her choice to wear one of the biggest accessory trends this year, "and I was definitely wearing a cropped white faux-fur jacket in a sea of sensible puffers. But that's the fun of Paris!"

Her biggest takeaway, though, was less about trends and more about an attitude: "Wear what feels right and be unapologetic about it. I felt good getting dressed, and Parisian girls' confidence is their most desirable quality, in my book.” Confidence, after all, is perhaps the biggest style lesson we can take away from French and American girls alike.

Go on to see how this American pulled off Parisian style, and then shop her outfits.