I Tried 3 "Cloud Soft" Clothing Items From Amazon—Here's My Candid Review


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I find clothing items with the word "cloud" in the name to be very appealing. It leads me to believe that something is softer than soft, which is what I want the majority of my clothes to be these days. On a related (you'll see) but separate note, one of my favorite in-house fashion brands on Amazon is Core 10. It was actually the very first of its in-house brands I ever tried, and I've been a fan ever since. If you're not familiar, Core 10 makes excellent, size-inclusive activewear and loungewear. And it's affordable, of course.

While scrolling through Core 10's assortment recently, I came across a line of Cloud Soft loungewear and was obviously instantly intrigued. Who doesn't like affordable soft things that arrive in two days or less? Not me! I, of course, ordered a few pieces on the spot and I'm here to tell you about them (and show them to you, just please excuse the weird lighting and dusty mirrors). 

Scroll for my honest thoughts about (and to shop, duh) the Amazon Core 10 Cloud Soft pieces I selected.

The Item:

Core 10 Cloud Soft Cropped Bell Sleeve Relaxed Fit Yoga Sweatshirt



My Review: I'm always on the hunt for cute hoodies to wear to and from workouts, so I hoped this one would fit the bill. The cropped fit and flared sleeves were cute details that set it apart from the pack. When I unboxed it, my initial thought was that it didn't feel that much like a cloud. But then I put it on and the cloud surfing began (sorry, I had to). Since the hoodie is lightweight, you don't realize that it's lined with a cuddly fleece to keep you warm and cozy. I'd say the only drawbacks were that it was quite wrinkly (I didn't steam it because I wanted to give the full effect) and it ran a tad big, especially in the shoulders (mine are very narrow). I went with the Small but probably would've fared better with an x-small.


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The Items:

Core 10 Cloud Soft Yoga Fleece Twist Front Hoodie Sweatshirt and Joggers Price:

$37 each

My Review: Luckily, this set wasn't quite as wrinkly as the aforementioned hoodie, probably because the material is a bit thicker (and even cozier). I enjoyed the knot detail of the hoodie and the fit was good. Paired with some cute house shoes, it's the perfect set for a WFH day. The pants were very comfortable although I do wish they were a little less slim and tapered, but that's just my preference with joggers. For reference, I'm wearing a size small.


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(Image credit: @allypayer)

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