15 Necklaces You Can Score on Amazon This Instant


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We love a one-stop shopping place, and Amazon continues to be our go-to because of its seriously wide-ranging offerings. Whether it's the most perfect black holiday dresses or the Priyanka Chopra–approved flight essentials that won't break the bank, you can find it all in the comfort of your home and purchase it with the click of a button—ah, the convenience. The latest thing we've been eyeing from the online retailer? Its extensive necklace collection. There are so many styles, from simple chokers to statement-making picks, that you can scoop up now without breaking the bank, so gift them to yourself or to your BFF this holiday season. Ahead, the best necklaces on Amazon—all of which cost $35 or less.

Shop the Best Necklaces on Amazon

Next up, how to keep your necklaces from tangling while wearing them.

Eva Thomas