How to Keep Necklaces From Tangling While Wearing Them


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We've all been there—we try our hand at stacking a bunch of our favorite necklaces, only to be left with one big tangled mess minutes after leaving our house. As it turns out, there are a few simple solutions to this problem—we're talking easy tips and tricks that will prevent the chains from intertwining, which will, in turn, save you so much time. Raise your hand if you've spent too much time trying to untangle an accessory. Us, too. But that stops now. 

Ahead, learn exactly how you can keep necklaces from tangling while wearing them; then shop our edit of necklaces to add into your jewelry box this season.

1. Mix long and short necklaces

One of the easiest ways to prevent necklaces from getting all tangled up is to mix ones of different lengths—that means it's best to pair long necklaces with short ones. The contrasting lengths will ensure the pieces do not intertwine—pretty simple, no?

2. Wear necklaces of different weights

Similar to mixing necklaces of different lengths, it's suggested to pair ones of different weights, as well. That means you don't only want to stack thin chain necklaces on top of one other—or choose only heavy ones, for the matter. Instead, balance out the weight by pairing a lightweight chain with one that has a heavier pendant attached to it. The differing weight ensures each stays in place and won't intertwine with the other.

3. Mix materials

This one's easy—simply pick necklaces designed in different materials. That means combining a pearl necklace (or a velvet pick, etc.) with a metal one is much better than sticking pairing metal with metal. Just make sure the pieces still somewhat complement each other and don't look too random.

4. Buy a necklace spacer

If all of the above tips seem like too much work, here's a simple solution that won't limit your necklace stacking options. Purchase a necklace detangler that allows you to wear up to four at once, without the worry of them getting all twisted. 

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