The 16 Best Black Holiday Dresses on Amazon

Chances are you're headed to your fair share of holiday parties this season. If that's the case, you're probably figuring out exactly what you'll be wearing for each and every event. You know one piece that works every single time? A black dress. Whether it's a simple LBD or a super-festive style covered in ruffles, metallic details, or luxe velvet, a black dress can never steer you wrong for a holiday party

If you're thinking about ordering one now, I have some great news: Some of the best styles can be found on Amazon. Yep, that means you can put your Prime membership to good use just in time for the holidays. Ahead, I'm breaking down the very best styles by price, so you can add a piece to your holiday wardrobe, no matter what your budget is.

OVER $1000

Occasionally, one holiday event might stand out above all the rest—whether it's a formal Christmas gala or a sophisticated New Years' Eve soirée—and those special moments require an equally special dress. Alternatively, perhaps you plan to invest in one dress and wear it to every party this season to make the most of its cost per wear. Either way, both call for an investment piece, and if you didn't think you could find such a thing on Amazon, think again.

A dress that looks like a top and skirt but is actually one flowing piece is my favorite kind. The sleeves delicately hanging off the shoulders add the perfect touch to an otherwise elegant and sophisticated dress. 

If you're seeking something slightly alternative and perhaps provocateur, this Nicole Miller dress fits the bill. 

Something about this chandelier screams holidays. If your personal taste is a little funky and eclectic, this dress is for you. 

Blazer dresses are winter's answer to summer's frilly frocks, and this dress is Saint Laurent's answer to blazer dresses. 

UNDER $1000

Now that you're convinced you can find luxury pieces on Amazon, why stop there? The price range between $500 and $1000 is the sweet spot, where you can find stunning dresses that will take you straight through the holiday season without completely breaking the bank. 

Winter florals might officially replace spring florals with this dress. 

The collar and beaded appliqué instantly transform this simple black dress into a holiday fashion feast. 

UNDER $500

A key to getting through the holiday season is setting a budget that you're forced to stick to, from dinners you have to attend to gifts you have to bring and the dresses you have to wear, the holiday season is known to become very expensive, very quickly. Fortunately, a dress between $300 and $500 is sure to draw compliments all night while leaving the rest of your budget open for your other holiday obligations. 

A little feather trim never hurts… In fact, we think it's exactly what this holiday season needs. 

I'm pretty sure that this dress is the definition of "fun and flirty."

UNDER $300

Scratch one dress for the entire holiday season; you're hoping for a couple of key pieces you can rotate through depending on the occasion. That's when a dress below $300 is ideal. The best part about these dresses is you can wear them repeatedly throughout the year, no holiday party necessary, to get the most value out of each purchase. 


For Love & Lemons is a fashion-girl favorite, and the ability to purchase one of its brand-defining cut-out dresses with Prime delivery is just a bonus. 

This shortened midi ballgown-esque dress is made for a holiday princess. 

An LBD (little black dress) with an LBF (little bit of frill). 

UNDER $100

When you're already spending half of your paycheck on gifts, who can afford to spend even more on a black dress? Focus your attention (and spending) on giving, and grab one of these chic affordable dresses. 

Pleats make everything better, and this dress is no exception. 

We're bringing peplum back with this form-fitting dress with an added flair. 

This voluminous cape exudes sophistication with a little much-needed drama. 

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This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Aleksija Vujicic.