I Just Read Tons of Amazon Reviews and Now Have These 31 Items in My Cart

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Amazon is chock-full of many things we all want and need, but finding them is a whole other story. And one of the only things we have to help us navigate the depths of Amazon's inventory is reviews. For one reason or another, some items—no matter how random—really take off on Amazon, many with thousands of five-star reviews, and I'm always happy to read as many of them as I can.

I have a feeling that we all could use a little affordable pick-me-up. Maybe you even find yourself in need of a certain clothing item or beauty product that you'd usually buy in-store but that isn't an option right now. With this in mind, I combed through more Amazon reviews than I care to admit and added lots of things to my cart along the way. Keep scrolling to shop them too.

Scores of reviewers remarked that this comfortable top doesn't look cheap and fits perfectly.

If you're like me and in the market for a hyaluronic acid serum to combat dry skin, this one has nearly 15,000 reviews.

Just a hunch that you need this wildly popular hand cream right about now.

It has 5000 reviews, and it's $6. Worth a shot.

The reviews for this affordable, antioxidant-rich serum are incredible. Many reviews remark that the results are noticeable and fast.

This classic pajama set (which comes in tons of colors) is said to be incredibly soft and non-clingy.

After a lengthy hiatus, Birkenstocks are back on Amazon.

My Amazon account says I've purchased this item four times in the past, so there you go.

This is my favorite legging brand on Amazon. Others seem to agree.

If you color your hair and need a root touch-up, this one has 5500 reviews to back it up.

Because it's starting to get pretty hot for sweatpants.

Fashion girls can't get enough of this Levi's style.

If you're unfamiliar with this nail polish remover, with nearly 5000 reviews, it clearly has a cult following.

Reviewers say these tiny, simple hoops are great for everyday wear. (FYI: They have over 5K reviews at that.)

The fact that this biotin lash-and-brow growth serum has over 23,000 reviews blows my mind.

If you love the look of an oversize sweatshirt, this men's style has incredibly high marks.

These are a very hot item at the moment.

Right now is an excellent time to rehab your nails. Over 7000 Amazon shoppers love this cuticle oil.

Fans of this affordable mask are impressed by its tightening power.

If you can't find any face masks, this is a good alternative.

This classic body wash has a perfect five-star rating from nearly 6K reviews.

Your feet deserve these highly praised slippers.

They're worth a shot, especially with 3.4K reviews to back them up.

These comfy bras are less than $10 each, and 8K Amazon shoppers count themselves as fans.

This multipurpose oil is a great item to have in your medicine cabinet. See the proof here.

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