You're About to Be Obsessed With This Colorful Trend

If red was the color of fall, blue is that of summer. We’re so totally obsessed with the hue that we’re wearing it from head to toe—and no one can stop us. A less vibrant tone than the monochromatic looks of previous seasons, it’s a more accessible take on the full-colored outfits that even the most stylish of girls might have been wary to try before now. We’re dressing in navy instead of black, mixing tones for an allover blue look with a little added dimension, and fully immersing ourselves in the powder blues and dusty gray hues that make summer the season that it is. Not to mention that we’re loving blue looks for work, date night, and weekend brunch plans.

Color it might be (technically), an all-blue outfit is understated enough to allow you to play with textures and materials. The world is your oyster. Mix denim with silk, tweed and cotton, and chiffon and cashmere. We quite literally cannot stop trying new and interesting ways to wear blue and don’t see our new style love going anywhere anytime soon.

From skirts to suiting to dresses and jean shorts, here are the all-blue outfits we can’t wait to try this summer.

Feeling blue has never made us so happy.