From Classic to Trendy, 13 All-Black Outfits That Just Work

No matter your style preferences, something we can all agree upon is the unwavering relevance of the color black. It's classic and simple, and despite getting a bad reputation for being "boring," it can actually be totally versatile. It all depends on which pieces you wear and how you put them together. To prove just how universal the color is, we're showing you exactly how to pull off an all-black outfit, whether your styles skews more classic, trend-forward, or anywhere in between.

Forget what you know about the dark, monochrome look coming off as too somber or severe. Those with romantic style prove the color to be flirty and playful, while trend-minded people are making the palette instantly covetable. To prove it, we put together a visual guide to styling these monochromatic ensembles, complete with 13 outfit formulas that just work. We also went ahead and included shopping options in case you're feeling inspired to re-create anything for yourself, as we do. With that, continue on to see the all-black outfits we're loving right now.

If your style skews romantic…



Try: Puff-Sleeve Top + Black Jeans + Gold Jewelry

When in doubt, you can always rely on wearing a pretty top with your favorite jeans, and that's still true if you're wearing all black. Just go for a top with romantic details like puff sleeves or a sweetheart neckline to give the look some dimension.



Try: Voluminous Dress + Chunky Ankle Boots

This look proves that wearing head-to-toe black does not equal a boring outfit. The voluminous shape of this dress creates a stunning silhouette all on its own, and the chunky boots create a cool contrast.

If your style skews trendy…



Try: Cutout Top + Leather Blazer

Some of the freshest trends actually look perfect sans color because the classic hue balances them out. Midriff cutouts are a great example of this—opting for an all-black palette makes the "risky" trend much more wearable.



Try: Lace-Up Top + Cardigan + Skirt

The lace-up trend definitely brings a lot of look if you know what I mean, but the monochromatic palette ensures it's cohesive.

If your style skews minimalistic…



Try: Padded-Shoulder Tee + High-Waisted Trousers + Structured Bag

Even though this T-shirt-and-trousers ensemble is simple, it works so well because the strong shoulders and belted waist create a beautiful silhouette.



Try: Tank Top + Straight Jeans + Oval Sunglasses

When your clothes fit really well, sometimes, simple is the way to go. (Ahem, this is your reminder not to skip the tailor.)

If your style skews '90s inspired…



Try: Column Skirt + Shoulder Bag + Simple Mules

Nineties wardrobe classics like square-toe mules, column skirts, and shoulder bags all can (and should) be styled together. 



Try: Blazer + Skinny Jeans + Riding Boots

Calling all skinny-jeans lovers: Tucking your denim into tall boots is a fail-safe look to keep in your rotation.



Try: Crew-Neck Sweater + Oxford Shirt + Relaxed Trousers

Fact: You can never go wrong with menswear-inspired staples that are slightly oversize.

If your style skews casual…



Try: Cropped Sweatshirt + Relaxed Jeans + Sneakers

A weekend uniform if we've ever seen one.



Try: Chunky-Knit Cardigan + Leather Trousers + Boots

The combination of textures here is what keeps the all-black palette looking interesting.

If your style skews edgy…



Try: Simple Minidress + Knee-High Boots

Sexy, easy, cool—next time you're wondering what to wear with that LBD of yours, style it with knee-high boots (and throw on a blazer if you want another layer).

Try: Moto Jacket + Black Jeans + Combat Boots

Leaving you with this outfit that's about as timeless as they come: a moto jacket, jeans, and combat boots.