These Airport Outfits Can Get You Bumped Up to Business Class



As it turns out, what you wear to the airport can actually lead to an upgrade on your flight. We’ve long heard the rumor, but it was recently confirmed when Who What Wear UK editor Emma Spedding reported on the matter. When she spoke with a cabin crew, they confirmed our suspicions that yes, what you wear on a flight can actually impact your upgrade status.

To spell it out a little more clearly, here’s what they told her. One airline attendant explained that when it comes to upgrades, dressing up “definitely helps your chances.” And then another detailed that “For an upgrade, it’s all about looking the part. Smart but understated. You should look like you travel often. But don’t be dripping in designer clothing. It helps; someone who is potentially due to get an upgrade can be knocked back if they aren’t dressed suitably.”

So if you’re wondering what you should skip for an upgrade? Leggings and casual outfits are on the list. If you want an upgrade, though, stick to outfits that are put-together and “smart”. These ones might get you bumped up to business class. Ahead, see some examples to try on your next flight.