The Wildly Popular Jeans No One Can Keep in Stock Right Now

If you read Who What Wear regularly, you're probably familiar with Agolde jeans. Specifically Agolde Pinch Waist Jeans. I first reported on them last summer, upon their initial release, and since then, the popularity of the jeans has continued to rise. Our readers buy them in droves, Agolde keeps releasing them in new washes, and I've noticed that retailers have trouble keeping them in stock. (Fun fact: The brand just released a stretch version, which you can shop below.) Not only that, our editors can't stop wearing them—you'll see the proof of that below.

Thanks to the higher-than-high rise, perfect length, classic straight leg, and an under-$200 price point, these versatile jeans are highly likely to be the most popular Agolde jeans. That said, Agolde has several other styles that I also see a lot and that also seem to fly out of stock: '90s Fit Jeans (another Who What Wear editor favorite), Riley Jeans (an Eva Chen favorite), and Jamie Jeans (the perfect straight-leg style if you need a break from cropped jeans).

Read on to see how us editors are styling our Pinch Waist Jeans (we're practically a fan club), and shop those and the other Agolde styles that seem to have a cult following. 


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Agolde Jamie Jeans:

Agolde '90s Fit Jeans:

Agolde Riley Jeans:

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Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

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