9 Style Lessons Fashion Insiders Learned Post-30

Whether you've passed the milestone of turning 30 or have it to look forward to, you're probably aware that there are some mental and sartorial shifts that inevitably occur. Some of us look forward to that shift while others meet it with a sizable dose of apprehension. Oftentimes, the only way to prepare ourselves for something, or reflect upon something that's already happened, is to hear others' experiences. Which is exactly why we reached out to nine powerful women in the fashion industry who happen to be post–age 30. Their wisdom on the subject of how their style changed upon reaching 30 and what they've learned since then is a must-read for anyone who is approaching the big 3-0 or who just wants to compare their experience to other stylish women.

Read on to find out what nine fashion industry insiders have to say about what they've learned since turning 30, and shop pieces to have in your wardrobe by age 30 at the end.