20 Delightfully Affordable Dresses That Aren't in Your Cart—Yet

What can I say? This article is as straightforward as the title implies. Twenty warm weather–ready dresses that are, indeed, as delightful as they are affordable—thanks, of course, to our very own Who What Wear collection. What more could one really be looking for two-thirds of the way through spring and with summer Fridays officially in full swing now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone?    

I guess you could say that there’s actually a bonus here in that below you’ll also find photographic evidence of just how perfect some of the dresses are, thanks to some of our favorite girls on Instagram. For me, that always helps to get a sense of what a piece really looks like in the wild and, most of the time, to narrow down my many, many options. So, to see how 13 of our shoppers are already styling their summer dresses and, of course, to shop the frocks for yourself, just keep scrolling.

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