54 Under-$300 Items on My Net-a-Porter Wish List Right Now

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To be completely honest, when I initially embarked on this journey of finding the best under-$300 items from Net-a-Porter—because why not?—I foresaw coming out the other side with, say, 20 or 25 (max) favorite finds. After all, since it's the leading e-tailer in luxury, I was expecting its affordable offerings to be understandably limited, especially alongside the Balenciagas, Piagets, and René Caovillas of the world. Well, now that the story is finally finished, all I can say is boy, was I wrong.

After scrolling through upward of 80 pages of products including clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, I actually struggled to narrow it down to a cool 54. If I didn’t have other stories to get to, I might have even let more pieces make their way in, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So to see and shop all the under-$300 items that are now on my Net-a-Porter wish list, broken down by category, just keep scrolling.


You can't go wrong with a gold chain necklace.

This also comes in tie-dye, but I honestly just don't think I'm cool enough to pull it off. 

Chain belts make any outfit instantly cool.


An easy summer top that looks good with jeans? Sign me up.

That perfect transitional jacket for spring.

File this with the rest of the "cute little tanks."

It actually baffles me that this is still in stock.

This can also be unbuttoned at the top for an asymmetrical and more open look.


I'm very into long shorts these days.

I would have guessed this was five times the price.

If any brand can make shorts that look good with heels, it's Tibi.

The perfect pants (and outfit) for every day this summer.

Sooner or later, we'll all have to come around to the baggy-jean trend.

These shorts would make for such a cool cover-up with a black bikini.

Don't these look like the perfect white jeans for summer?



Aside from the obvious coolness, I love the fit of this brand's bikinis.

This can definitely double as a bodysuit to wear with jeans.


This handle makes a simple bag feel so special.


These seem simple, but they have all the right details.

Meet the new sandal brand everyone will be wearing this summer.

If these are sold out by the time you see this story, I apologize. 

I already have these in cream, but I'm starting to think I need this glittered version, too.

Up next? I never wear color, but these outfits make me want to.

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