The Best Under-$250 Puffer Coats to Get You Through Life

If you live anywhere where frigid temps are part of your daily struggle from November through April, you’re probably quite familiar with the puffer jacket. Sure, down coats are practical in nature and keep you extra toasty, but they’ve actually become a fashion essential as well. It’s the reimagined silhouettes and fresh colorways that have garnered puffs a stamp of approval from celebs (ahem, Kendall Jenner) and the street style elite. While there’s a slew of designer iterations out there, you can actually nab a perfect down coat for under $250. Ahead, we’re sharing 21 of our favorites; buy one and you’ll be all ready to take on winter (woof, we know).

This gorgeous hue feels incredibly fresh for the season.

Well, if it’s good enough for Kendall Jenner...

You'll stand out all winter long in this gorgeous silhouette.

The step-hem detail makes this pink puffer even more interesting. 

Go for a longer puffer for extra warmth.

A color-blocked coat is always eye-catching.

It’s the details that make this down coat particularly unique with the shorter fit and scallop print.

Courdory is all the rage this season, so why not try it in your outerwear selection? 

The fashion elite still loves the old-school Champion must-haves.

This lightweight style is ideal for layering.

Two in one. This reversible puffer is a must-have.

Ugg not only makes great boots but solid outerwear picks as well.

The belted detail makes this puffer incredibly flattering.

A color combo that feels so right now. 

Don’t underestimate beige. It’s actually incredibly forward. 

You’ll make an instant statement with this glossy iteration.

The velvet accents give this coat a high-fashion twist.