Chanel Sandals Under $250? We Found 18 Pairs of Them

Affordable Chanel Sandals


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No, this is not a hoax. We did, indeed, find Chanel sandals for under $250 with a little help from the incredible product selection at The Real Real. If you aren't familiar with The Real Real, it's a luxury resale site where you can find pre-loved (as I like to call it) designer goods including everything from Louis Vuitton luggage to Prada headbands. Due to the large amount of product stocked on the site, shopping on The Real Real can be quite overwhelming, which is where we come in.

Since spring is in full swing, and all anyone can talk about are fun little strappy sandals, we decided to stalk the pages of The Real Real for the cutest spring sandals imaginable. But then we thought it would be much more fun to look for the cutest Chanel spring sandals imaginable. To take it one step further, we figured the cutest Chanel spring sandals under $250 would really be the icing on the cake. Yeah, you're welcome, and yeah, they exist.

Ahead, enjoy this very rare roundup of the best Chanel sandals that are, by the good graces of The Real Real, under $250.

This shape and color make for the perfect investment shoe.

This sweet little bow is everything. So is the unique shape of the heel.

Tangerine is one of our all-time favorite spring colors. 

These are the kind of sandals you can dress up or down with the utmost ease. 

Wear these with jeans and a white tee for that subtle pop. 

Another bow to put a spring in your step. 

This hue is soft enough to wear with dozens of outfits in your closet but special enough to make a difference. 

This '90s heeled sandal trend is going absolutely nowhere. 

In case you're an ankle strap kind of gal.

You'll wear these every day this spring, and that's okay. 

We're clearly encouraging you to get both the black and the white. 

Two-tone shoes are the easiest way to spice up an otherwise simple outfit. 

For those days when you're really going for it. 

You can never go wrong with a simple neutral shoe. 

Leave it to Chanel to create the perfect simple slide. 

For just over $100, these look like a million bucks.