21 Affordable Picks I Have in My Cart, Starting at Just $3


(Image credit: Style du Monde)

I am a true believer in high-low mixing. As someone who absolutely loves to shop but doesn't always have the means to buy the pieces they're truly coveting, I've learned to hold onto my splurge money for investment pieces only and to use fast fashion as a way to add some personality to my wardrobe without feeling put out by the prices. As a strict saver, I've come to realize it's unnecessary to spend over $200 on trendy pieces, as those styles are quick to come and go and can often be found at a lower price point.

When it comes to pulling together a chic outfit, of course, having a selection of on-trend pieces often proves just as important as utilizing your rotating staples. Fortunately, it's easy to fill the holes in your closet with the affordable pieces ahead, whether you're looking for a dress for your next night out or a pair of standout heels—there's something for every style at a reasonable price. I've created a must-have list of stylish pieces at prices you won't soon regret below. Your wallet will thank you.

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Emily Greenberg