15 Ways to Style Your Heels During the Winter

This winter, it's time to give your boots a break and show a bit more attention to your heels. Yes, heels. Don't worry—we're not encouraging you to wear stilettos during a snowstorm. What we're saying is that just because you love your trusty Chelsea and combat boots doesn't mean you need to give the cold shoulder to your more delicate footwear. Because whether you try mules, sandals (with socks, of course), or daintier heeled ankle or over-the-knee boots, the silhouette will not only elevate your overall look but also surely snag the spot of the strongest winter shoe contenders.

Care to see what we mean? Scroll on to find 15 ways to style your heels during the winter. You can still keep those lug-sole boots in rotation, but you'll love switching it up.

Time to strut your stuff all through winter. Are you ready for it?