Celebs Love These Affordable Trainers—7 Ways to Wear Them This Season

There's no feeling quite like falling head over heels for an item you've spotted on a celebrity or influencer only to find said item and realise it's got a hefty price tag attached. I can't splurge on designer items often (or ever) and instead favour a trusty few high-street brands that are worthy of my investment and vintage or second-hand shops. So when A-list fashion folks champion an affordable design and give it their longed-for stamp of approval, I feel all kinds of excitement.

This time around, celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Olivia Wilde (maybe you've heard of them?) are embracing an already-established design: Adidas Gazelle trainers. At around the £75 mark, they sit at the lower end of the trainer spectrum price-wise, making them accessible to those of us not on a film-star or supermodel salary. Plus, not only are they purse friendly, but these trainers also get big bonus points for how comfortable and stylish they are.

Generally, we're seeing them styled in casual weekend looks that are, luckily for us, easy to re-create, but we've also spotted them in some streetwear-inspired ensembles at fashion week as well as a handful of smarter, tailoring-heavy outfits. See for yourself—keep scrolling for our top Adidas Gazelle outfits of late.

1. Knitted Vest + Wide-Leg Denim


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: Kendall Jenner gives her Gazelles a '70s spin by styling them with wide-leg jeans and a knitted vest.

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2. Black Blazer + Blue Jeans


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: It's always refreshing when someone takes a tried-and-tested outfit formula and injects something unexpected into it. Case in point: Olivia Wilde's sunflower-yellow Gazelles.

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3. Simple Tee + Miniskirt


(Image credit: @lindseyholland_)

Style Notes: I'll forever be a fan of all-black outfits, but sometimes they can feel a little heavy. This look from Lindsey Holland overcomes that problem by going the bare-leg, short-sleeve route. Chuck on a camel trench coat if it's nippy out.

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4. Mohair Jumper + White Denim


(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

Style Notes: If you're trying to steer clear of top-to-toe black, style winter whites together like Francesca Saffari did. So fresh, so cool.

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5. Graphic Top + Printed Skirt


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: The contrasting prints and graphic elements make this a standout look—and the noughties streetwear influences are clear. I'm in love! 

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6. Fitted Blazer + Relaxed Trousers


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: The quickest and most effective way to dress town tailoring? Add in a pair of fuss-free trainers. Danielle Bernstein has done just that, and I love the result. 

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7. Tank Top + Midi Skirt


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Style Notes: Influencer extraordinaire Alyssa Coscarelli styles her Gazelle trainers with a vintage ruffled skirt and a plain white tank for a relaxed yet impactful look. Note to self: Search for a similar skirt ASAP.

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