'90s Grunge Fashion Will Never Go Out of Style—Shop 4 Iconic Looks

Nineties grunge fashion is one of the most enduring and iconic style movements of our time. Despite the fact that it hit its peak 30 years ago, luxury and fast-fashion designers alike still draw inspiration from the disheveled aesthetic that defined the decade. 

Named after the prolific music genre of the same name, '90s grunge fashion was an expression of a cultural zeitgeist fueled by apathy and rebellion. Popularized by "grunge" figureheads like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, the style was characterized by threadbare flannels, combat boots, and androgynous granny dresses.

While the look stood in opposition to the fashion industry at first, interpretations of the style eventually made their way into the pages of Vogue thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, and Calvin Klein.

If the resurgence of cardigans, slip dresses, and straight-leg jeans is any indication, '90s grunge style is still relevant today. Below, shop the throwback outfit formulas inspired by '90s fashion legends. 

Kurt Cobain


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Winona Ryder


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Drew Barrymore


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Kate Moss


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