From Bobs to Wolf Cuts—10 Hair Trends We'll See on Our Favorite Celebs This Year

A new year has begun, and with it, there's an avalanche of new trends heading our way. When it comes to all things hair, our greatest inspirations tend to be the people who we see constantly flash across our television screens, social media feeds, and the covers of magazines: celebrities. So often the first to embrace new trends, they're also the powerful driving force behind the popularization of trends. As a beauty editor, part of my job is to determine which hair trends celebrities seem to be gravitating toward. For a better idea of what to expect, I've reached out to three hairstylists at Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, California, who have created iconic looks for their celebrity clients: Glenn Ellis, Jamie Wiley and Jennifer Korab.

Keep reading to see which celebrity hair trends these talented experts will be keeping an eye out for in 2023.


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Style: Voluminous Blow-Dry

The first expert I had the pleasure of connecting with was Glenn Ellis, a Los Angeles–based hairstylist at Andy LeCompte Salon who freelances with The Only Agency. Ellis's clients include Aubrey Plaza, Chloe Fineman, and Alexa Losey. When asked about his favorite looks from last year, he cited actress Sophie Thatcher's grunge-inspired bleach-blonde shag. "I've see a lot of girls wanting to grow out their layers as well and just have a straight, no-layered haircut," Ellis shares. Another style his younger clients have requested is a voluminous blow-dry à la Cindy Crawford in her iconic 1990s Pepsi commercial.


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Ellis also predicts the reemergence of bottleneck bangs (lash-skimming strands with angled, face-framing pieces on each side) and a strong departure from the center-part obsession. "I would love to see a lot of textured hairstyles make a comeback like messy buns, ponytails, and braids as well," he says. "Not only that, but I would love to see girls wearing their hair down with a finger-wave style."


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Colors: Auburn and Candlelit Brunette

Jamie Wiley is an award-winning hairstylist with work published in print, editorial spreads, and spotted on New York Fashion Week's runways. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Wiley has launched a hair and industry platform, Hairboss, and authored a book, Hair Boss: A Hairstylists' Guide to Owning Their Career. "In 2022, Sunnie Brook gave us natural everyday effortless looks we all could aspire to achieve, and we were here for it! Vernon François will continue to turn heads in 2023," says Wiley. "He pushes the boundary in editorial and avant-garde, styling hair by taking bold risks and embracing new ideas." She cites François's innovative techniques and challenging of traditional hairstyling concepts as the driving force behind his success.


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Wiley also shared what she believes will be the two biggest hair color trends for celebrities in 2023: auburn and candlelit brunette. She predicts that the former will trend this year in late summer/early fall. "[It's] A rich warm hue that looks amazing on all skin tones and will give your hair a gentle sun-kissed look. The shade is perfect for those looking for a classic look with a subtle hint of color," she explains. Wiley goes on to describe the latter, candlelit brunette, as a warm, golden-brown shade that's ideal for those who want a hint of warmth to their look. "It's a subtle highlight with a natural-looking luster to the hair that will turn heads," says Wiley. "The color pairs well with any skin tone, and it's easy to maintain without requiring frequent touchups."


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Cuts: Wolf and Butterfly

Jennifer Korab, creator and founder of Renaissance Salon & Spa as well as Revival Barber Shop, is a hairstylist with 25 years of experience in the industry under her belt. In addition to being a national educator for Pureology and a certified hair colorist and extension specialist, Korab has worked New York Fashion Week shows and as a lead artist at Miami Fashion Week and collaborated with multiple celebrities for events and photo shoots. For Korab, the hairstyle on a celebrity that caught her eye in 2022 was Jenna Ortega's wolf cut. "It was so on-trend! And paired with bottleneck bangs, this is a trend I think we'll be seeing more of in 2023," she says. Two votes for the shaggy bottleneck bangs look!


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Korab also shared the trends she think celebrities will be rocking in 2023. "I think we will still be seeing a lot of '90s-inspired trends like the butterfly cut and shags but with a modern twist," Korab continues. "Bangs are also making their way into these hairstyles. I am also seeing a lot of bobs, in all variations. Sleek, textured, layered are paving the way for 2023." So there you have it: Textured, layered hair will be making a major comeback for all your favorite celebrities this year (as well as punchy, honey-colored hair shades and bold cuts). Who's to say what else this year will bring?


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