Spring's Haircut Trends Are Better Than Ever Before—7 We Want to Try ASAP

What's not to love about spring? The sunset begins to inch toward a reasonable hour (no more darkness at 4 p.m.), flowers begin to bloom, and the temperature starts to warm up. Not only that, but as with every new season, spring comes with a round of fresh trends

This spring, I have my eye on one category of trends in particular: hair trends. Spring is the ideal time for a hair refresh. This year, it's all about the cuts, as plenty of crisp chops are taking center stage.

I talked to some of the best hairstylists in the industry to get expert insight on spring's best hairstyles. Expect tons of layers across all lengths and textures—we're still leaning into the '70s-inspired cuts that have dominated the past year, but with more refined takes. Keep reading to learn spring's best haircut and style trends, straight from the pros. 

Long Bombshell Layers

Long layers à la '90s bombshells are having a major moment. "Think Cindy Crawford in that Pepsi commercial so long ago," says Rodger Azadganian, founder of Äz Craft Luxury Haircare. "Long hair is all about bombshell blowouts, layers, soft, sultry movement, [and] fringe included from the eyebrow to the jawline."



Seventies-Style Shag

"We're really going to continue to see this very choppy '70s-inspired haircut," says David Lopez, Kenra Professional’s Artistic Ambassador. "Lots of face-framing layers. Very full, very voluminous with people wanting to use rollers again and blow out their bangs." Lopez says that unless you have thick hair, wolf cuts will start to become less popular, as you need thicker or curlier hair to make a statement cut like that work.



Sunflower Cut

This hairstyle is all about volume and embracing texture. "For curly hair, I am seeing what I call the 'sunflower haircut,'” says Lopez. "It's just very big and very round with lots of layering happening. A lot of face-framing layers, very full ends, hair that looks very well maintained and very healthy."






Azadganian expects mid-length hair to begin embracing a style he's dubbed the "shullet," or a playful cross between a shag and a mullet. "[This haircut] works on any hair texture and density and looks great styled or slept in. Short interior layers give this look volume and shape while maintaining structure at length. On wavy textures, this cut gives shape and definition with a wash-and-wear lifestyle."






This bob and pixie hybrid will still be going strong this year. "If your face shape permits, this cut is a super fresh hybrid of the bob and the pixie," says celebrity hairstylist Florido Basallo. "It's super textured and layered and a surefire way to break everyone's neck wherever you go."





Sophisticated Bobs

Every stylist I spoke to agrees—for short hair, bobs will reign this spring. "I think going into spring a lot of people want something new and fresh, so they go for this fresh chop." says Lopez. "I am seeing people are less scared of going shorter and wanting to experiment a lot more." Lopez predicts these bobs will be short and defined by face-framing layers.





Curly Wolf Cuts

Curly bangs and tons of layers are the perfect way to play up your texture. "We are loving the baby bangs with short interior layers as well as the late wolf shag on Zendaya," says Azadganian. "Naturally curly hair needs a definitive shape to look like more than a mass of nothing but curls."

Pro tip: Ask your stylist for a dry cut. "Cutting curly hair dry helps to see curl patterns and movement," says Azadganian.



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