See Ya Never, 2020: Everything I'm Wearing (and Tossing) Ahead of 2021


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I've been counting down the days until 2020 ends ever since March (who hasn't?) and I'm pleased to report that the end is in sight. With only 17 days to go, the New Year brings a much-needed opportunity for a clean slate in all areas of life but being the style person I am, you can bet that I'm narrowing in on the chance to rid my closet of any dead weight ahead of 2021. I figured it was the perfect time to do another closet cleanout and purge some items that now feel outdated to me.

With that, I've pinpointed four pieces, in particular, that no longer feel like they're the most stylish or practical option. From sweaters to dresses, there's a specific style I'm purging from each category, and I won't lie, it's because I'm looking to fill that new space with some pretty (and pretty affordable) pieces from our very own Who What Wear line. Yep, our line is stocking many of the easy and chic silhouettes my wardrobe is craving right now.

Since sharing is what I do best, I figured I'd go ahead and highlight the exact four things I'm getting rid of and the new pieces I'm eyeing to add to my closet, so with that, keep reading to read about my latest wardrobe refresh to hopefully inspire your own.

Tossing: Sheer Tops

Adding: Second-Skin Tops


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Even though the fashion world loves a "naked" trend, sheer tops are no longer the freshest way to create an eye-catching look and, not to mention that they tend to be hard to wear. Instead, these second-skin tops are what I'm looking to add to my closet for 2021. On the spring runways, these tops popped up at Ganni and Marine Serre, but it's already taking over Instagram. Tucked into jeans and trousers, our affordable versions are one of those pieces that are both wearable and trendy, making even the simplest outfits come to life. 

Tossing: Cold-Shoulder Sweaters

Adding: Grandpa Sweaters


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Novelty sweaters are definitely fun, but seeing as they're kind of specific, you can't exactly wear them over and over without outfit repeating. To update my knits, I'm looking to those chunky-knit "grandpa" sweaters that are having such a moment right now. They're so cozy and the slightly oversize fit has a laid-back feel to it that just looks so cool.


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Details like cable-knit stitching will add so much interest to my simple winter outfits. 

Tossing: Voluminous Dresses

Adding: Minimalist Dresses


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I always wanted to love those puffy and voluminous babydoll dresses, but ultimately never felt I could pull them off that well. I'm pretty picky as it is when it comes to dresses and the trend that's really doing it for me are these sleek ribbed knit numbers. The simple and minimal silhouette from our Who What Wear collection speaks for itself and requires just a few pieces of jewelry like a chain link necklace to come to life.

Tossing: Skinny Trousers

Adding: Leather Trousers


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Bye-bye, skinny pants, I'm officially breaking up with you. The silhouette has felt dated to me for a while now, so with 2021 fast approaching, I'm turning to the newer pant trends that feel so much fresher. Faux-leather pants, for one, just seem to add a cool and elevated feel to every outfit and they make a great base for all your basic tops and tees.

More Pieces Destined for My Closet in 2021

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