10 Simple and Affordable Buys You’ll Actually Wear This Winter

While regularly we'd be shopping for planned trips or holiday parties around this time, this year looks a little different. When it comes to dressing, we've taken a few steps back and resorted to shopping for more simple pieces that will actually get wear at home or whenever we do decide to change out of pajamas and put on an outfit. Despite how much I love an over-the-top fashion item, the few I've purchased these past few months have spent quite a bit of time hanging in my closet, rather than being worn. Instead, I've been leaning more towards items that meet the perfect combination of forward and basic, like relaxed trousers, elevated knits, and simple dresses. 

Looking for those kinds of pieces to add to your closet? Look no further, because thanks to our very own Who What Wear Collection, we've brought to you exactly that at an affordable price point too. Affordable, simple, and fashionable—what more could you want from your purchases right now? The selection below includes a variety of practical basics that you don't need a special occasion to wear. Take notes, because we've even added some outfit inspiration for your viewing along the way. 


This has easily become my favorite WFH sweater.

Who What Wear at Target



Since many of us already own a lot of black leather, might as well branch out into different colorways like this.

When you want to wear a sweatshirt but still look put together.

Who What Wear at Target



Relaxed trousers are trending hard right now. Plus, they're comfortable, so it's a win-win situation.

I've had to limit myself from pairing these pants with every one of my outfits. It just goes with everything, trust me.

Nothing like a comfy dress for a one stop outfit.

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The sleeves just add the perfect touch of extra, while still keeping you in your comfort zone for daily wear.

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