8 Trends That Are Going to Be Huge in 2017

This year was a fun year if you care about trends. There were backless loafers, off-the-shoulder tops, athleisure, woven bags, bomber jackets, deconstructed denim—you get the picture. And though we’re not ready to let a lot of these standout pieces go simply because it’s a new year, we are ready to add a few fresh trends to our wardrobe rotation.

If you’re also interested in revamping your look with a new item or two for 2017, take a look at the eight trends below that we predict will become wildly successful. From the jewelry piece du jour to the color we'll all be wearing, there’s something for everyone.

Scroll down to see and shop our top picks, and if there’s one that you’re especially excited about, tell us in the comments.

Now that you know which trends to invest in for 2017, here are the ones you should ditch.

Opening Image: Style du Monde

This post was updated by Kristen Nichols on April 28, 2017.