Kate Moss in the '90s: Classic Outfits That Still Work Today

Emma Spedding

Kate Moss's '90s style is still one of the most worshipped looks of our time—just a quick scroll through Pinterest will show you countless pictures of the young model circa 1993 looking as individual as ever. One would struggle to find a Moss outfit that hasn't been endlessly copied since her rise to fashion fame, but there are certain outfits in the KM archive that relate particularly well to the here and now—some you may have never even seen before. While, yes, Kate's micro hot pants, studded belt, vest top and waistcoat Glastonbury combo was epic, it should remain (for now) firmly in the past. But that minimal ensemble alongside Naomi Campbell in the '90s? Ripe for the picking, friends.

Go through the gallery below to see the most iconic Kate Moss '90s outfits you can re-create today, along with matching shoppable pieces to buy now…

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