8 Impressive (and Cute) First-Date Outfits

Lauren Eggertsen

So you finally landed that first date, and naturally your emotions have gone haywire. This chaotic rush of jitters, giggles, and nerves can often lead to disfunction in the wardrobe department as all common sense quickly seems to disappear. Before you know it, your closet, which was once a place you felt most at home, is now terrifying and intimidating as you realize you have a total of zero things to wear. Where do you even begin when it comes to planning a first-date outfit? What if you're too dressed up? What if you look like you're trying too hard? Why is life so difficult? (Says the girl who just got asked out by a cutie.)

The list of hypothetical impressions you could end up leaving is endless, but the most important thing is that you end up feeling as good as you possibly can. Taking all of those worries and stresses into consideration while writing this story, we gathered up chic outfit ideas that are perfect for any first date. Each are polished, stylish, and are guaranteed to leave you feeling like your most beautiful, confidant self. 

Feeling less nervous now? Keep reading to shop eight cute first-date outfit ideas! 

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