11 First-Date Outfits My Single Friends and I All Swear By

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My first-date track record is hit-or-miss, but I chalk that up to chemistry and not what I wear (thank you very much). When I'm picking out what to wear on a first date, I'm a creature of habit. Having spent a few years navigating dates with strangers, I've made a habit of deliberately dressing "normal," which for me usually entails jeans with a T-shirt or dressy top and a pair of comfortable shoes. Despite what that description may lead you to believe, that's not to say I don't put in the effort. Simply put, as a distinctively low-key person, I've realized that I want a first impression to be an honest representation of who I am.

Still, since dating is a process that's a bit of a closed-feedback loop (it's rare and frankly weird to get a review afterward), I was curious to know how other women dress for a first date. So I decided to ask single friends on social media about their date-night dressing habits. My hope is that crowdsourcing other women's tricks for a first date will make things that much easier for you the next time it's your turn. Read on to learn more!

An "Interesting" Basic Top + Trousers + Layered Jewelry

Comfort is definitely my top priority when getting dressed for a first date. If I feel good about what I'm wearing, I know that my attention will be 100%, and I won't be distracted by the need to adjust my clothes during the date. Recently, my favorite combination has been a simple top with a hint of trendiness (think a sweetheart or asymmetric neckline) paired with some relaxed trousers, which are my top wardrobe classic. I usually finish it off with a few fun jewelry items that can act as conversation starters.

Shop the look:

The kind of top I'd buy for date night but wear for everything else.

Every closet needs a pair like these.

Flirty Top + Leather Pants + Platform Boots

"I like to show my personal style on a first date while keeping it fun and flirty. My go-to outfit formula in the winter is leather pants, platform Dr. Martens, and a cute top that shows some skin (but not too much). Accessorizing is the key to keeping the outfit true to my style. I always wear bright-red lipstick, a standout piece of jewelry—either a gold necklace or statement earrings—and a mini purse to keep the look sophisticated and feminine. Lastly, I like to wear a bright-colored coat for a fun pop of color to complete the outfit." — Emma

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Emma is really selling me on this pretty Ref find.

Aritzia's Melina pants are the GOAT of faux leather.

Every fashion girl's go-to flat boot. 

Definitely one of the more affordable It bags of the moment.

Statement Top + Flattering Jeans + Heels

"My go-to outfit for a first date is extremely simple, and there's a science behind it. Being stressed out trying to put a sophisticated outfit together before heading out for the night is not going to help you radiate your best energy when you arrive. I always tell my friends that their date is only going to see you from the waist up for the majority of your time together, so just focus on finding tops that flatter your figure without being too revealing. That's why I always choose a statement top and flattering jeans, gravitating toward pairs that make my legs longer. Oh, and high heels are a must no matter how tall he is." — Sierra

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When it comes to statement tops, Ulla Johnson never fails. 

There's a reason these jeans have the cult following that they do.

WWW readers are especially keen on these cute mules.

All-Black Staples

"My go-to first-date outfit is always casual but chic. I lean toward an all-black ensemble because I feel the most confident and comfortable. A little bit of leather never hurts." — Isabel

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The heel gives them an elevated feel (literally and figuratively).

Oversize Shirt + Tights + Knee Boots + Blazer

"I reach for an oversize shirt or a dress with tights and finish it with knee-high boots and a classic blazer." — Kelly

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It's not every day I call a blazer pretty.

How to go from the office to a date 101.

There's never a bad time to stock up on these.

Leather Jacket + Fitted Top + Cool Jeans + Ankle Boots

I've worn a version of this outfit more times than I can remember on a first date, and it's never failed to make me feel like the coolest version of myself. I like to add personality to the jeans-and-a-cool-top formula by opting for a pair of checkered jeans—I like that they let my personality shine through and usually earn me a compliment.

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This top was made for wearing with jeans on a night out.

Western-inspired ankle boots are another personal favorite.

Jeans + Off-the-Shoulder Top

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"My perfect first-date look is always a great-fitting pair of jeans with an off-the-shoulder top." — Zoe

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Classic but modern. What more could you ask for in a bag?

Pretty Top + Comfortable Pants + Everyday Jewelry

"When picking out a first-date outfit, I always put focus on choosing a pretty top that flatters my collarbone and jewelry that fits my personal style. Since we're typically sitting at a table or bar, that's what they'll be seeing the most, and I keep the rest simple." — Kendall

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I can confirm the fit of this top is so good.

Long-Sleeve Midi Dress + Sneakers

"I usually go for a long-sleeve midi dress with sneakers. Comfy, cool, and cute." — Danielle

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Midi Dress + Knee-High Boots

My co-worker Aniyah has impeccable style and shared that her date outfit consists of a sleek midi dress layered atop knee-high boots. It's simple but sophisticated, and now, I want to try it out for my next date.

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Simple but also a little sultry.

Silk Shirt + Lace Bra + Cool Pants

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"Silky button-down shirt with a cute lace bra peeking through with a pair of cool pants. A good pair of raw denim and low-heeled mules for something more casual, and then to dress it up a tad, I'll go for flared pants that match the top for a monochrome moment." — Vanessa

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A hint of trendiness is all you need sometimes.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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