The Stars Have Spoken—Here Is the Best Fall Trend for Each Zodiac Sign

What fall 2023 fashion trend to adopt based on your zodiac sign


Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Diesel; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Stine Goya; Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

Can you feel the electric air? Spoiler: I'm not referring to that crisp breeze that's billowed into cities worldwide. I'm talking about the excitement of stepping into a new season. With the prospect of fall comes the chance to turn over a new leaf, but how everyone welcomes that change varies. For some, that means adopting new self-care routines, like a skincare regime. Others may find solace in shopping for a few micro-trends. For the astrology-loving people, it's a chance to look ahead to upcoming celestial events that will impact every aspect of our lives, and boy are the coming months busy.

Up until the end of the year, we'll have up to five planets in retrograde, including Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Plus, we just had Venus turn direct. Even if you're not the type to keep up with astrology, you've likely been catching a "vibe" lately. Maybe that's manifested as feeling like all your problems would be solved if you did the big hair chop or if you jetted off to a far-off destination. It also might mean you're reconsidering relationships in your life— with friends, partners, family, or even yourself. Whatever the case, retrogrades can usher in a time of change, but that doesn't mean they're something you should fear. The upcoming months are a permission slip that allows us to assess what aspects of our lives need improvement. In the words of Beyoncé, it's a chance to "free yourself."

While there are many things one can choose to upgrade in one's life, possibly the easiest place to start is with your closet. With Venus officially back on track, there's no better time to revamp your wardrobe. In an effort to kick-start the process, I've decided to use my self-professed expertise in astrology and fashion to identify the best fall/winter 2023 trends for each zodiac sign. Each trend was chosen based on optimal colors, personality, and life approaches and should be considered in tandem with your rising and Venus placements. Whether you have your entire chart down or are new to this whole astrology thing, I've got you covered. 

virgo zodiac sign style,  collage of fall 2023 runway trend double denim


Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Stine Goya; Courtesy of Alexander McQueen; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Y/Project; Courtesy of Stella McCartney; Courtesy of Coach; Courtesy of Versace

Fall is always ushered in by two things: the start of the Virgo season and the return of denim. Is it a coincidence or divine timing? I happen to think the latter. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo signs often use fashion to communicate their more pragmatic perspective on life. Though Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde for a shorter period of time (until mid-September), it's more important than ever for this sign to reflect on how they choose to view themselves, how they communicate with the world, and how their people-pleasing habits are sabotaging their goals. Virgos have the power to move planets, but so often, these earth signs get stuck in the mud because of their own self-limiting beliefs and perfectionism. Instead of spending hours worried about others, it's time to let yourself relax. That might sound impossible, but a small way you can start is with your fashion choices.

Because this hyper-critical sign often struggles with anxiety about how they're perceived, it's best to choose clothing that allows them to feel grounded and self-assured. One fall trend that can do just that is double denim. We saw this trend bubble up in various forms, making this once "antiquated" pairing cool again. At Coach, a model donned a shearling-collar denim coat styled with a matching low-slung maxi skirt. At Stine Goya, a tailored denim jacket was styled with matching relaxed wide-leg jeans in a vibrant pink. Each example of this trend on the runway exemplified the Virgo's chilled approach to style that only they can pull off so sublimely (should they get out of their own way).

Style the trend:

For a trend-forward take on the denim jacket, opt for a longline version. 

What better way to pay homage to your sign than with a piece of jewelry you'll wear for years to come? 

Virgo's personal style typically errs on the modest side, which makes this button-down a no-brainer. 

Fun fact: Blue happens to be one of Virgo's signature colors, so of course, a great pair of blue jeans is a must-have for fall.

Libra zodiac sign style,  collage of fall 2023 trend tights


Courtesy of Victoria Beckham; Courtesy of Tory Burch; Courtesy of Gucci; Courtesy of Versace; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Miu Miu; Courtesy of Ferragamo

Libras, are y'all okay? As Venus rules over this zodiac sign, you've likely been going through it, as the planet was in retrograde up until a few days ago. With things returning back to normal, you may finally feel like you've left behind some of the drama of the past few months and are ready to step out this fall. But just because you're on better footing doesn't mean you're the type to shy away from theatrics, at least in the wardrobe department. Libras take pride in being seen as intelligent and artistic, which often manifests as an innate desire to be creative with how they style the staples in their closet. There's only one fall trend that will balance this air sign's desire for being trend-forward and timeless at the same time: rogue tights.

We saw this underpinning across various fall/winter 2023 collections, and many designers embraced them in the most unexpected ways. For example, at Miu Miu, tights were layered underneath hot pants and styled with layered cardigans, structured bags, and eyeglasses. Similarly, at Gucci, bright-purple fishnet stockings were layered underneath a low-slung red midi pencil skirt that showed the top of the waistband. The way that this foundational item was transformed through styling is something that will be spotted on Libras as they head out into the world this fall. 

Style the trend:

Imagine this peeking out of layered cardigans—chic, right?

Blue is one of Libra's signature hues, in case you need an astrological justification to buy this Miu Miu bag. 

Consider styling tights as pants as the ultimate act of striking a balance between showing skin and being covered up.

scorpio zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend hardcore hardware


Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Saks Potts; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Tokyo James; Courtesy of Dion Lee; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ A.W.A.K.E. Mode; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Off-White; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Remain

If any sign can use times of retrograde as a vehicle for transformation, it's Scorpio. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, this water sign's resilient nature has led it to be associated with the process of death and rebirth, which will be useful, as Pluto is in retrograde until October 11. For this profoundly intuitive zodiac sign, this period will be all about healing, and this will require you to put on some armor to battle out the darkness. It's time to take those negative beliefs to task, set boundaries, and honor your inner child. It won't be a cakewalk, but if anyone is determined to accomplish a little fall glow-up, it's you! When you don't feel like you've got the strength to deal, hard-core hardware is the one fall trend that will remind you that you're a force to be reckoned with.

Spotted on the fall/winter 2023 runways, this trend is embodied by items embellished with studs, grommets, and even rhinestones to create an edgy feel. One example of this could be found in Off-White's show, where a model strutted down the runway in front of a dystopian-inspired background donning a black blazer with a nipped-in waist and a matching black miniskirt covered in silver grommets. Another iteration was at Dion Lee in the form of silver rhombus-shaped hardware that was adorned on everything from a snakeskin minidress to a pleated leather miniskirt. There are also examples like outerwear covered in grommets (see Saks Potts and Remain) and even accessories at Khaite and other labels. The overall result is a trend that aligns with Scorpio's desire for edgier statement items that can be paired with their extensive collection of all-black staples.

Style the trend:

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside—just like you, Scorpio.

A Scorpio totem will always remind you of your power. 

These flats embody the Avril Lavigne lyric, "He was punk; she did ballet." 

Sagittarius zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend animal prints


Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Vaillant Studio; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ GCDS; Launchmetrics Spotlight/MSGM; Courtesy of Ferragamo; Courtesy of Dion Lee; Courtesy of Stella McCartney

Adventurous, independent, free-spirited—should we continue to ramble on about what makes Sagittarians so special? As the ninth sign in the zodiac, this mutable sign's fiery zest for exploration impacts every aspect of their lives. Sagittarians are never the kind to shy away from something new, but with this sign's ruling planet, Jupiter, in retrograde until December 30, there's no better time to pump the breaks on taking big risks to rest and reset. Now is the perfect time to get back into a stable routine, focus on your wellness, and rethink your spending habits. While the idea of slowing down may feel like it flies in the face of your transient nature, there are other ways you can still get your fix for adventure. Instead of incurring in-flight fees, consider embracing your wild side through one specific fall/winter 2023 trend: animal prints. Frankly, there's no better way to pretend like you're hiking through the rainforest or on a safari in the outback than with this print trend.

Besides assuaging your wanderlust, the allure of this trend is how designers have managed to make these once-dated motifs dashing again. Long gone are the days of "tacky" animal frocks, and we saw designers tame these patterns in traditional silhouettes. An oversize mohair blazer came in a vibrant zebra print at MSGM. Similarly, at GCDS, a formfitting zebra-print dress was peaking underneath a matching yellow coat. At Ferragamo and Stella McCartney, longline fur coats featured cow and leopard prints. And then there was Dion Lee's collection, which showcased a series of dresses, thigh-high boots, and oversize carryalls, all in snakeskin. No matter how designers chose to embrace animal prints, the trend's prevalence was a reminder for Sagittarius signs that things can feel risqué and even refreshing without having to risk it all. 

Style the trend:

Featuring the Sagittarius's centaur motif, this pendant is the perfect way to pay homage to your sign's wild side. 

Want an even safer investment this season? Opt for crocodile accessories. 

Capricorn zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend power suits


Courtesy of Alexander McQueen; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Courtesy of Valentino; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Remain

One of the largest misconceptions about planetary retrogrades is that they usher chaos into our lives, but that's not the case. Retrogrades are a chance to do some essential work on ourselves. If any sign is willing to do the heavy lifting to reap the benefits, it's you, Capricorn. As the 10th sign in the zodiac, you're known for your ambition, pragmatism, and determination, which will be useful, as your ruling planet, Saturn, is in retrograde until November 4. Because Saturn rules over time, discipline, rules, and tasks and is moving through the dreamy Pisces, this fall will be all about reevaluating the dreams you have for your life—it's going to serve as a reality check. Now is the time to review how your current habits, communication style, and self-image may keep you from stepping into your dreams. We suggest taking more time to reflect, journal, and reprioritize, but there's another small shift you can make during this season.

If you want to show the world you mean business, what better way than by adopting the power-suiting looks we saw on the fall/winter 2023 runways? Suiting may be a trend that feels as frequent as retrograde, but this season, we saw designers return to '80s-inspired silhouettes. At Saint Laurent, an oversize white blazer with dramatic shoulder pads was layered over a low-scoop black tank tucked into leather shorts. At Remain, a simple pair of trousers and a button-down were emphasized with the addition of a boxy tan blazer. But it wasn't just the blazer that was given a more tailored feel. At Valentino and Bottega Veneta, longline coats featured sharp shoulders and nipped-in waists. At Alexander McQueen, the matching suit was made edgier by patterns, materials, and unique styling that came in the form of pinstripe longline coats layered over matching separates, purple leather trench coats, and even suits styled with ties. Each iteration of this trend was a reminder that, with a little reflection and some serious shoulder pads, retrograde can be a breeze for our determined Capricorns. 

Style the trend:

Capricorns love timeless staples, so you better believe this double-breasted blazer is calling your name. 

Adorned with Capricorn's goat motif, this pendant will remind you to power through to achieve all your goals. 

Post-retrograde, you'll never regret buying a pair of classic pleated trousers. 

Aquarius zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend corduroys


Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Vegan Tiger; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Baum und Pfergarten; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Lovechild 1979; Courtesy of Miu Miu; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Dries Van Noten; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Colin Locascio

Fall ushers in change, which for some zodiac signs can be an unwelcome occurrence, but not for Aquarians. As an air sign, Aquarius has a deep-seated intellectual curiosity that often translates into a forward-thinking approach to everything from humanitarian causes to the clothes in their closet. This sign is always ahead of the curb, and with both of its ruling planets being in retrograde (Saturn until November 4, 2023, and Uranus until January 27, 2024), it will be a period in which Aquarians will want to reflect on the past. Uranus rules over consciousness, technology, and societal order, and with it being retrograde, it's the ideal opportunity for Aquarians to take stock of the beliefs that may not benefit them in the long run. You can't focus on the future if your past is still ruling your present-day life, so now is the time for our Aquarians to address and heal from childhood trauma and examine familial dynamics.

It may sound heavy, but there's one way you can make the process a bit more palatable… through clothing, of course. This fall, rather than adopting every single trend, choose the few that bring your inner child comfort and joy. No other trend can foster a sense of nostalgia quite like corduroy. This material may feel familiar, but in true Aquarian fashion, designers found a way to make it feel revolutionary—or, at least, cool again—in their fall/winter 2023 runway collections. We saw that transformation take place in the form of oversize blouson jackets, fitted pencil skirts, and pleated shorts, all made from corduroy at Miu Miu. At Baum und Pferdgarten and Lovechild 1979, cords came in hues of pink. And then there were the oversize boxy blazers, button-downs, and trousers spotted at Vegan Tiger, Colin Locascio, and Dries Van Noten. Even if you return to the past, the runways were proof that you can find something revolutionary in it for the future—an idea that every Aquarius should keep in mind. 

Style the trend:

Aquarians love vintage-inspired items, so this well-tailored corduroy blazer will likely speak to their soul. 

Aquariuses have multiple motifs, including orchid flowers, the glyph, and the water bearer. 

Now, here's a pair of pants that are as cool as Aquariuses themselves. 

Pisces zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend wrap scarf coats


Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Aeron; Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Courtesy of Loewe; Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Etro; Courtesy of Altuzarra; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Michael Kors

Fashion is for the dreamers, and no one knows how to get wrapped up in a fantasy quite like Pisces! Individuals born under this water sign are known for their imaginative spirit, deep empathy, and intuitive qualities. Those traits can be partly attributed to their ruling planet Neptune, the celestial body that pertains to dreams, magic, creativity, and spirituality. With its ruling planet in retrograde through the fall until December 6, 2023, now is the time for this fantasy-prone zodiac sign to take off the rose-colored glasses about where they are at in life and what they still want to achieve. Although one of your most admirable traits is your ability to be compassionate to the desires, feelings, and opinions of those around you, this retrograde asks you to reassess how much of your decisions are informed by other people's perspectives and preferences rather than your own. It can be hard to admit when we're using old habits, limiting beliefs, relationships, and jobs we've outgrown as a security blanket to make us feel safe rather than step into our truth. But Pisces, it's time to ditch the blanket, metaphorically speaking.

Change can be challenging, but with Uranus being in retrograde in your first house, there's no better time to make radical changes. If you're still in denial and would like to stay daydreaming, there's one fall trend that will make you feel comforted while taking this next big step in your life—wrap coats. With so much of Pisces's fashion choices being informed by comfort, it only makes sense they'd be drawn toward cozy outerwear this fall. Luckily for this water sign, fall/winter 2023 collections had no shortage of stylish options to choose from, including oversize scarfs wrapped around the body at Aeron, Michael Kors, Altuzzara, and Etro. At Saint Laurent, various looks included dramatic blanket-like shawls adorned with brooches. And then there was Loewe's show, in which a model clutched a silk shall around her body as if she had just arisen. It's a trend that's not only ultra-chic but will also allow Pisces to feel cozy all fall without having to return to the comforts that aren't serving them. 

Style the trend:

Trust us when we say this jacket will sell out quickly. 

Pisces's symbol is the fish because they're meant to swim with the current, so whenever you feel yourself resisting the flow of life, wear this pendant as a reminder. 

If anyone can make a poncho chic, its Pisces. 

There's nothing Pisces love more than a loose-fitting silhoutte. 

Aries zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 red color trend


Courtesy of Ferragamo; Courtesy of Tory Burch; Courtesy of Alexander McQueen;  Launchmetrics Spotlight/Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Stella McCartney

All signs are impacted by planetary transits, but for Aries, their ruling planet, Mars, won't be in retrograde this fall, so there will be less heavy energy for this fire sign. However, that doesn't mean Aries wouldn't benefit from taking a beat too. As a first zodiac sign, Aries's competitive spirit often compels them to emphasize taking action rather than reflection. But with so many planets in retrograde this fall, it's an excellent time for this sign to embrace the latter. You're a fiercely independent and determined sign, but that can sometimes be to your detriment, as you don't always take the time to ring your own bell! Now is the time to celebrate all your achievements, reflect on what's working well in your life, and, most importantly, show gratitude for all your blessings.

As much as Aries is known for being self-assured, these signs struggle with deep insecurities and use overconfidence as a crutch. Instead of putting up the façade that you've got it all figured out, remind yourself of how far you've come. You may be a work in progress, but you're still that girl. When the receipts aren't enough, try donning a specific color trend this fall: saffron red. What makes this trend right up your alley (besides it being your signature color) is all the darling ways designers used this color in their fall/winter 2023 collections. For example, at Ferragamo, shiny patent-leather accessories were styled with a bright-red maxi fur coat. At Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen, dramatic tailoring was emboldened by the color. There were also the various blazers and coats spotted at Tory Burch, Stella McCartney, and David Koma, all in a red-hot hue that was Aries coded. It's a trend that, if worn by an Aries, will remind them to celebrate their firey nature. 

Aries's motif is the ram as a way to represent this sign's tenacity. So when you're feeling less than courageous, put on this pendant to remind you of who you are! 

Aries signs love to make a statement, so of course, these trousers are the ideal purchase for fall. 

Warning: These shoes are so hot they may cause third-degree burns. 

Taurus zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend leather pieces


Courtesy of Givenchy;  Launchmetrics Spotlight/Sportmax;  Launchmetrics Spotlight/Brandon Maxwell;  Launchmetrics Spotlight/Jil Sander; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Bottega Veneta;  Launchmetrics Spotlight/Rokh

In recent months, we have become acquainted with fashion aesthetics like "old money" and "quiet luxury," but Taureans invented them before they were a thing. Ruled by Venus, this earth sign's rounded nature translates into a deep appreciation for the finer things in life—they're the original material girls. Their ruling celestial body is no longer in retrograde, and with Saturn moving through their 11th house, fall is the time for this sign to reevaluate their relationship with the creature comforts in their life. As the second sign in the zodiac, Taurus's stubborn nature can make them susceptible to getting caught up in trivial things rather than seeing the big picture. Fall can act as an opportunity for this sign to reevaluate its relationships with its wider community and with money. It's a chance to get less caught up in labels (of all kinds) and instead choose what feels suitable for you—whether that means forgoing a job title instead of something that fulfills you or finally defining that situationship once and for all. Additionally, fall can serve as a reset for how you relate to luxury clothing.

Tauruses may believe in "quality over quantity," but that doesn't mean they're immune to impulse purchases. Instead of indulging yourself in every whim this fall, use your innate refinement skills to purchase only what you need. If you're still craving a dose of opulence, try embracing only one trend this fall: luxe leather. While this material is typically carried over from previous seasons, designers gave this textile a sensual flair that is only fit for a Taurus. It came in various forms, including leather jackets with romantic touches. A longline leather trench had a corset bodice at Rokh. Similarly, there was a jaw-dropping cropped leather blazer with a buckle at Brandon Maxwell. And then there were the dresses that centered dramatic necklines (see Bottega Veneta's and Givenchy's collections), which are ideal for showing off this sign's favorite body part, the neck. The overall embrace of this material was a given, but its underrated elegance will inspire this sophisticated zodiac sign all season long. 

Style the trend:

It doesn't get more timeless than a leather blazer. 

As Taurus is a sign that values long-term investments, this Van Cleef & Arpels pendant should surely be at the top of your shopping list. 

With romantic design details being the defining factor of leather's prominence in the fall/winter 2023 collections, this vegan-leather pleated skirt is the perfect way to pay homage to the trend. 

Gemini zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend sheer materials


Launchmetrics Spotlight/LaQuan Smith; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Diesel; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Y/Project; Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Launchmetrics Spotlight/A. Roege Hove; Courtesy of Gucci

Geminis are often misunderstood because of their mutable nature as the third sign of the zodiac. With recent planetary transits, this multifaceted air sign has likely felt like they've been encountering way more mishaps than usually do. But the blame doesn't solely rest in the hands of the planets, as all of the transits this year—including the current one by your ruling planet, Mercury—have pushed you to get serious about what aspects of your life need desperate attention. While you can adapt to even the most unstable situations, that doesn't mean you always should, Gemini! Fall is less about rolling with the wind (pun intended) and more about putting some skin in the game to address what needs to change in your life for you to feel stable. It means getting to that to-do list you've been avoiding instead of going out, changing how you communicate with others, and, most importantly, honoring your boundaries and needs.

It may sound boring, considering your disposition for chaos, but there are other ways to find your cheap thrills, including through your clothing. Geminis enjoy experimenting in the fashion department, as it's a way to honor their ever-changing moods, so what better way to avoid making testy choices this fall than adopting the sheer-clothing trend? As a continuation of the trend, we saw designers further elevate this material in their fall/winter 2023 collections by emphasizing silhouettes and styling. Designers transformed classic gown styles by opting for light chiffon—see LaQuan Smith and Y/Project—and even using techniques to create opacity. For example, Diesel's sheer numbers were made from distressed denim. Other designers focused on styling, which you can see through the sheer second-skin tank tops and tees that were paired with fitted pencil skirts at Saint Laurent and Gucci. But possibly the most Gemini-coded looks of all were spotted at A. Roege Hove and Miu Miu, where sheer pieces were layered over each other to create the ultimate optical illusion. It's a trend that will speak to how this sign isn't always what it seems at first sight. 

Style the trend:

Style this with jeans and a cute bra, or layer it underneath a blazer to create the perfect optical illusion. 

Pro tip: make this zodiac pendant stand out by styling it underneath a sheer top.

What better way to pay homage to the duality of your sign than with this Tory Burch skirt that's partially sheer? 

A dress that will satisfy your need for thrills. 

Cancer zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend velvet


Launchmetrics Spotlight/Schiaparelli; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Alberta Ferretti; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Fendi; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Sportmax; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Jason Wu; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Proenza Schouler

As the only sign to be ruled by the moon, Cancers are far more sensitive to the astrological transits, as they often follow the waxing and waning periods of the lunar calendar. But with Venus just turning direct and Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter all in retrograde, you've been in your feelings far more than normal. Frankly, it's for good reason. You might've been hit with challenges, ranging from relationship mishaps to health issues and work burnout, that have likely made you want to crawl back into your shell. But please don't do it, Cancers! As much as times have been rough, your tenacity and intuition can help you weather any storm. Once you enter this fall, you'll realize that this season is all about releasing your firm grip on the things that no longer serve you. In short, it's time to ditch the shell. You have every right to want to protect yourself, but you've done enough of the healing to step outside of your comfort zone. That could mean leaving a relationship, finding a new job, setting firm boundaries with family, establishing a new wellness routine, or getting experimental with your wardrobe.

If you're leaning toward the latter, there's one fall trend that will allow you to still give in to your cravings for comfort without circumventing the spotlight: velvet. While this fabric always manages to make a return around the holiday season, its reinvention on the fall/winter 2023 runways aligns with this water sign's own journey. Far removed from its more juvenile roots, velvet gave off a grown energy thanks to the designers' focus on tailoring. There were, of course, suits fashioned from velvet in Alberta Ferretti's and Schiaparelli's collections, and then there were more romantic takes on tailoring, including a draped gown at Jason Wu, a column maxi skirt at Fendi, and an ice-dyed velvet trench at Proenza Schouler. But possibly the most sublime example of all was at Sportmax: Velvet was draped down the body like water with cutouts that were tied together to create a jaw-dropping dress. It was a look that felt like the embodiment of this water sign's ability to take "mistakes" like slashed material and turn them into something beautiful. 

Style the trend:

Step out of you shell and into the spotlight with this stunning strapless number. 

Fun fact: The cancer sign's animal motif is the crab, as these emotional water signs often have a "shell" they use to protect themselves from the outside world. 

The draping on this neckline is as divine as you, dear Cancer! 

Cancer signs love classic items, so these velvet trousers are a no-brainer. 

Leo zodiac sign style,  fall 2023 trend furry coats and accessories


Launchmetrics Spotlight/A.W.A.K.E. Mode; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Ann Demeulemeester; Courtesy of Gucci; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Vaillant Studio; Courtesy of Puppets and Puppets; Launchmetrics Spotlight/16Arlington

Don't worry, Leos, we can never forget about you! As the only sign ruled by the sun, you have an infectious sense of confidence, determination, and charisma that often makes you the light in your loved ones's lives. But that's not to say you don't have your dark days. In fact, the past few weeks have likely felt like you were going through it thanks to Venus's retrograde in your first house. While the planet has officially gone direct, you're likely still grappling with the aftereffects of feeling like you underwent an identity crisis. It shined an unwanted light on some of your more undesirable habits, unchecked insecurities, and relationship shortcomings. But it's not something that should be seen as a bad thing. What you should take away from it is to release what's been holding you back from receiving everything you deserve. It's time to let go of the limiting scripts you have about yourself and step into your role as the main character.

It will take time to reap the lessons you've learned from Venus retrograde fully, but if you're feeling impatient, there's a more straightforward way to show the transformation. Spoiler: It's through your fall wardrobe. Considering that you often gravitate toward attention-grabbing statement pieces, there's no better trend for you than faux fur. We saw all things furry dominate the fall/winter 2023 runways, but something else entirely makes this trend compelling. Much like Leos's transformation, this material was made to feel fresh again through designers leaning on vibrant colors and trendy styling. For instance, at Puppets and Puppets, we saw a crimson-red fur coat held together with duct tape and styled with a matching bag. At Gucci, a bright-blue shaggy coat was styled as a dress with tinted lenses and a clutch bag. And then there was Ann Demeulemeester's show, where models strutted like lions down the runway, donning short fur shawls and maxi slip skirts. The full embrace of this material feels like a lesson for Leos to own what makes them, well, them

Style the trend:

Find yourself a coat that rivals your dramatic antics. 

Represent your zodiac sign proudly with this pendant necklace. 

Furry handbags are also a great way to embrace this trend without doing too much. 

Yep, you'll definitely be the main character in these fluffy heels.