Every Skincare Staple Our Beauty Team Is Using to Transition From Summer to Fall


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If there's one thing Who What Wear's beauty editors can agree on, it's the importance of adapting our skincare routines to whatever it is our skin demands from us each season, which can be a lot. My skin, for example, falls into an unfortunate cycle of dryness and uneven textures deterred only by heavy hydration efforts. Facing off against dull, lifeless-looking skin is another one of my skin struggles that rears its head by mid-November.

Now that we've reached the end of summer and are beginning our transition into all things fall, I thought it would be an ideal time to reflect upon the products my fellow beauty team members and I swear upon to lead the charge into this next season. Interested in learning which ones we're scrambling to add to our skincare routines? Keep scrolling!

To Cleanse the Skin

The first step to a well-rounded and effective skincare routine is using a cleanser to remove the accumulation of skin pollutants, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. This aids in the exfoliation of the top skin layer and keeps the pores clear. Like all skincare products, the cleanser formulation that works best for our skin over the course of a few months may not be as effective as we move from season to season. This fall, we're trading in foaming products for gel- and cream-based cleansers that promote even more hydration as the temperature drops and the air becomes noticeably drier.

To Tone the Skin

Despite its purpose of being the deep-cleaning superhero product that removes any last traces of environmental pollution, dirt, bacteria, makeup, and cleanser that may be left behind, toner possesses the odd reputation of being an "extra" step to your skincare routine. What if I told you it's one of the most important ones that protect the complexion against environmental stressors? To smoothly transition from summer to fall, Who What Wear's beauty editors are using gentle exfoliating cleansers to get the job done.


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To Nourish the Skin

It's time for some serum talk. Earlier on, I mentioned the importance of implementing products that lock in and boost hydration as the weather becomes increasingly dry and cold. I love a crisp and cozy fall day, but the air does a complete doozy on the skin. To help combat the impact of seasonal shifts, our beauty team is reaching for deeply hydrating serums that target dry skin using formulas featuring hyaluronic acid, all-natural concentrates, and vitamin blends.


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To Refresh the Skin

To bring our skin back to life as the leaves change colors and lose their vibrancy, we're using a selection of skin-nourishing creams and oils to restore and refresh. No matter your skin type or tone, there's a product out there that can lock in all the "good stuff" while providing protection from environmental aggressors and preventing future damage to the skin barrier.

Maya Thomas
Assistant Beauty Editor
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