20 Zipper Sports Bras You Never Knew You Needed


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Thanks to the rising popularity of athleisure, many designers are creating workout clothes that fit seamlessly into a fashion girl's wardrobe. While leggings have no doubt earned a place in every woman's closet, the sports bra is one item that is an exercise essential. The piece that was originally designed with function in mind has, in recent years, become a wardrobe staple—even for those who don't work out every day. The latest sports bra trend? The zipper sports bra—a functional yet stylish twist on the traditional piece.

Workout lines like Nike and Adidas by Stella McCartney are showing how zipper details add a fashionable spin to this fitness essential. With a zipper located in the front, it allows the function of the sports bra to remain the same while honing in on the athleisure trend. That said, we've scoured the internet to find the very best zipper sports bra styles for you to try—in case you're as intrigued by this trend as we are.

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