I've Never Felt So Stylish While Breaking a Sweat Thanks to These 16 Items

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If there's one aesthetic that practically dominates all of Los Angeles, it's cool activewear. It's like an unofficial uniform: Whether you're heading to the gym, a hiking trail, or the beach for some exercise, you'll be surrounded by an abundance of monochromatic nylon onesies and flirty gym shorts. After one year of living in a city known for its wellness spirit, I decided it was time to give activewear a chance. It's one thing to look cute in workout clothes, but I also need to feel good to be completely satisfied. So I turned to FP Movement, which offers a range of colorful onesies, sports bras, and shorts that are made for just about any activity. Each piece is crafted with breathable, stretchy, and supportive fabric perfect for breaking a sweat in. But let's be real: I'll be wearing these fun looks even when I'm not working out. Here are the 16 items I'd recommend.

Performance Onesies

Sports Bras

Workout Shorts

Active Accessories

Raina Mendonça
Associate Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Raina Mendonça is an associate fashion editor on the branded content team at sister titles Who What Wear and Marie Claire. Previously, Raina was an editorial assistant at goop.com. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her crafting new playlists, exploring Los Angeles, or making a cup of English breakfast tea.