This Zara Styling Trick Will Be Major This Year

We're always on the hunt for unique styling tricks to reinvigorate our closets. While we undoubtedly turn to celebs and street style stars for inspiration, our favorite retailers, like Zara, also serve up interesting fashion tricks.

While perusing the site today, we noticed that many looks featured an interesting style move: long-sleeve shirts strategically poking out from beneath outerwear. Specifically, models rolled up one arm of their outerwear, rather than both, to showcase the top underneath. It's a unique way to add dimension to your overall look.

Keep scrolling to check out what we mean and grab some inspiration for your next winter outfit before everyone else in the fashion world picks it up.

What do you think of this style trick? Will you roll up your sleeves to showcase your long-sleeve top? Let us know in the comments below!