Did Zara Just Elect This to Be the Next Big Sneaker Trend?



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Oh, Zara, what would we do without you and your never-ending supply of shoe trends for us to buy? We recently reported that the latest sneaker trend it was endorsing was ballerina sneakers (which are surprisingly very cool), and now the brand's already moved on to the next.

We couldn't help but notice that among its new arrivals were several pairs of sock sneakers, which resemble a sort of sneaker-Yeezy sock boot hybrid. (Nike has dabbled with the sock-sneaker concept in the past, and Zara is one of the first fashion brands to join them.) And they clearly feel strongly about the trend, as they have four sock sneaker options for the choosing (including a shiny silver one if you're so inclined).

The stretchy sneakers nod toward the trick that fashion girls love right now, of wearing statement socks with their sneakers, as opposed to hiding them. As far as styling goes, we plan on pairing these with midi dresses and cropped denim in order to show off their unique construction and shape. Given Zara's track record, we predict that these could be the next iteration of the sneaker craze to go viral, so without further ado…

Shop Zara's new sock sneakers below, and be sure to tell us what you think of them in the comments!

Love the mid-shin sock boot trend? Try these. 

These look quite comfortable. 

For those who prefer a little flash with their athleisure. 

Prefer a lace-up version? They have those too!