I Tried on the Best Skinny Jeans at Zara So You Don't Have To

In the era of Postmates and Amazon Prime, getting yourself to a store to actually try things on can feel daunting. If you hate dealing with online returns as much as I do, going off of how an item looks on a model can be a gamble. But what if you had a clothing concierge to vet items IRL that you could then shop from the comfort of your couch? That’s where I come in, sweet shopping-obsessed reader. And for reference, I am practically 5’4’’ and usually wear a size 2 to 4 or small.

To start, I’ve narrowed in on two things I know you love immensely, Zara and skinny jeans. I went to my local store and narrowed it down to the best three pairs, and then styled them with additional merch to help paint the full picture. I left my favorite outfit for last, which surprisingly happened to be the simplest of the bunch. Go ahead and check them out, and send me a DM on my Instagram @katcollings to tell me what I should try next.


Outfit 1: Layered Look