2 Zara Secrets You Should Know, Straight From an Actual Employee

This past summer, we saw a particular handful of Zara pieces all over the streets of NYC, and with good reason. Zara is known for being the high-street retailer of choice for fashion lovers, including celebrities and street style stars. It's no wonder every time Zara has a semi-annual sale fashion girls flock in droves to get their hands on everything from basics to seasonal staples. Employees at the Spanish retailer are known for keeping sale secrets under wraps, but one sales assistant just divulged major secrets every shopper needs to know about. In a post for Refinery29, this employee outlines everything from online shopping tips to dealing with the madness that comes with in-store sales.

Keep scrolling to read about the two major sale tips Zara shoppers need to know about, straight from a store employee.

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