11 Zara Outfit Ideas to Copy Whenever Your Clothes Bore You

You don’t have to be a Zara expert or a superfan to reap all the benefits of visiting the retailer’s site. In fact, we’ll even argue that you don’t necessarily have to spend a penny at Zara in order to find the store helpful. Simply put: A favorite pastime of ours is scouring outfit inspiration from all sources across the internet—Zara’s e-commerce listings not excluded.

While we may be tempted to toss a neon turtleneck or adorable rain hat into our shopping cart, the biggest takeaway of sifting through Zara’s latest arrivals online are outfit ideas that can be re-created with or without the brand’s products.

Not sure what we mean? The 11 creative, Zara-approved outfits below look thoughtful and are as easy to piece together as jeans and a T-shirt. Feel free to shop any key pieces to style them yourself, or take the $0 approach and put this outfit inspiration to use with whatever you already own.

One shoe trend was all over New York Fashion Week, and you can buy it right now for $50. Take a closer look.

Opening Image: @monikh