9 New Yorkers Reveal What's in Their Zara Shopping Carts

When you live in a fashion capital, integrating fast fashion into your wardrobe—while never discouraged—is typically a dish served subtly. Don't be deceived, of course: We New Yorkers swear by our Zara shopping habits, but we particularly love to incorporate said fast fashion into our otherwise vintage or designer looks. It's not vanity, either. No, what we live for is those "You'll never believe it, but it's Zara" reveals that send fellow shoppers into a frenzy wondering how they missed something so affordable yet fashionable on their latest run to the retailer. At least, that's how I feel when I'm the one asking.

Instead of settling with unexplored curiosity on the matter, I decided to ask some of my New York style icons to spill the tea on what they currently have in their Zara shopping carts. From influencers to fashion editors, illustrators to brand managers, the stylish folks ahead prove that taking the time to sort through the endless products available at Zara will leave you with treasures worth flaunting. Go on to find out what these New Yorkers have hidden in their Zara shopping carts and to shop the pieces for yourself.