9 New Yorkers Reveal What's in Their Zara Shopping Carts

When you live in a fashion capital, integrating fast fashion into your wardrobe—while never discouraged—is typically a dish served subtly. Don't be deceived, of course: We New Yorkers swear by our Zara shopping habits, but we particularly love to incorporate said fast fashion into our otherwise vintage or designer looks. It's not vanity, either. No, what we live for is those "You'll never believe it, but it's Zara" reveals that send fellow shoppers into a frenzy wondering how they missed something so affordable yet fashionable on their latest run to the retailer. At least, that's how I feel when I'm the one asking.

Instead of settling with unexplored curiosity on the matter, I decided to ask some of my New York style icons to spill the tea on what they currently have in their Zara shopping carts. From influencers to fashion editors, illustrators to brand managers, the stylish folks ahead prove that taking the time to sort through the endless products available at Zara will leave you with treasures worth flaunting. Go on to find out what these New Yorkers have hidden in their Zara shopping carts and to shop the pieces for yourself.

Anaa Saber, Influencer

"Let me start by saying you can never have too many shoes. That's one mantra I'll forever live by in life. If you're looking to make a fall splurge, I highly suggest these patent Western over-the-knee boots. A boot like this is perfect for all occasions, dressed up or dressed down. Not to mention the Western silhouette makes a great case for a trendy element and the classic black color for the staple your closet needs." — Anaa Saber

Jenny Walton, Illustrator

"I love the below polo sweater. It's super dorky but in a nice Alexa Chung, Margot Tenenbaum–y kind of way." — Jenny Walton

Harling Ross, Fashion Editor at Man Repeller

Harling Ross from Man Repeller



"My (only) problem with being a resolute maximalist is that oftentimes I find myself missing certain necessary wardrobe basics—white T-shirts, the perfect black trousers, and, most recently, a go-with-everything fall blazer. That's why I'm eyeing this subtle plaid one from Zara for fall. It's classic enough to check the basic (in a good way)-blazer box while simultaneously scratching my 'more is more' itch with details like the contrasting elbow patches." — Harling Ross

Nicole Akhtarzad, Market Editor at Who What Wear

"I'm always looking for pieces I can style multiple ways, even at a fast-fashion retailer like Zara. I was instantly drawn to this long lace dress because I can wear it as an outerwear piece, as a dress with a slip, or as a top with jeans." — Nicole Akhtarzad

"The only reason these boots are in my cart and not in my apartment currently is because honestly I already own too many pairs of western, ankle boots (and by too many I literally mean 5). However, the more I look at them the more it's making me want to make the trip to Zara get them anyway."

Michelle Salem, Special Projects and Brand Manager at Opening Ceremony

"While I try to avoid fast fashion, I will make an exception here and there for fun, additive items like socks! These metallic gold and silver socks are perfect to add a little sparkle to fall outfits and will be especially great for the holidays." — Michelle Salem

Tiffany Reid, Senior Market Editor at Cosmopolitan

Tiffany Reid, senior market editor at cosmopolitan


Courtesy of Tiffany Reid

"I love this pink basic suit from Zara because it embodies both masculine (in its silhouette) and feminine (in its hue) energy. Suiting is a go-to option for me when wanting to look polished and put together without having the time to give a lot of thought to it. It's an affordable and easy solution to when last-minute events (or important interviews pop up)." — Tiffany Reid

Gina Marinelli, Senior Editor at Who What Wear

Green leopard-print dress



"Even though it's still pretty sweltering here in New York, lightweight transitional jackets are something I somehow always find myself needing. This neutral jacket is the perfect length and hue to grab on my way out the door in case the weather decides to turn on me." — Gina Marinelli

"I'm currently on a personal mission to create a head-to-toe animal print look. The catch is I want it to be neutral, with structure, and not veer toward the costume-y or kitschy. This set might be the winner."

Lori Bergamotto, Style Director at Good Housekeeping

Lori Bergamotto, style director at Good Housekeeping


Courtesy of Lori Bergamotto

"It's a near-impossible task to pick just one thing from Zara, but I think this item wins for ticking all of the boxes. It has the flowiness of a summer dress, the gravity of a fresh fall print, the versatility of a wardrobe staple, and the price tag to satisfy your budget no matter what the season. Love!" — Lori Bergamotto

Adrienne Faurote, Fashion Editor at Marie Claire

"For fall, I’m loving all of these “soft-tailored” knit dresses. From Chloe to Loewe, these soft knit dresses flooded the runway. I’m obsessed with this Zara one, it’s the perfect shape and color and paired with a boot, my go-to fall look." 

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