Zara's New T-Shirt Trend Is About to Be All Over Instagram

One of our favorite places to uncover the freshest and most inventive trends is without a doubt at Zara. That's right—Zara isn't just good for shopping the latest trends, it's also good for discovering completely new and original ones. Lately, in the T-shirt department, there has been a trend this fast-fashion retailer is definitely trying to push. Instead of your average graphic tee, complete with band names and abstract shapes, Zara has been plastering its T-shirts with text that makes bold, bold statements. 

We're talking the kind of shirts you can't help but stop and read should you see one coming down the street. From "kiss me a lot" in Spanish to a kitschy play on words like "overdressed", this is one new trend that we are more than excited to start wearing. Maybe because it is basically destined for an Instagram moment, or maybe because it is straight up stylish. But let's be honest... does the difference really even matter? 

Keep reading to shop the new T-Shirt trend Zara is pushing right now! 

Bésame mucho mucho—this shirt says it all.  

Pair this long-sleeve shirt with shorts and white sneakers to channel a chic and sporty look. 

If yellow wasn't your color before, it is now. 

Simplicity and sophistication have never looked better. 

The black and gray hue makes this shirt extremely versatile. 

We like this shirt layered over a flirty dress or tulle skirt, as pictured. 

This would make for an ironic Instagram post. 

Nothing screams off-duty like white sequins on a black T-shirt.

The uneven hem of this shirt can elevate any outfit. 

Who says bright sequins aren't for adults?

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