It Took Hours of Scrolling, But I Discovered the Best Outerwear at Zara RN


Courtesy of Zara

No one ever really needs an excuse to head over to Zara, but just in case you do, I'll give you a solid one: its vast selection of outerwear. Truly the one-stop shop for trends, it shouldn't be any surprise that the retailer has gone deep when it comes to the variety of coats and jackets on offer this season. And now that we're at the point where it's only bound to get colder from here, it's probably a good idea to give its selection a thorough scan.

If you don't have time to, don't worry because I put my online shopping skills to good use and scrolled through every last page for you. After a few hours down, I managed to narrow down hundreds of SKUs into the best 24 pieces of outerwear to own now. Finding yourself enthralled with cloud coats lately? I've included a few strong options within this list. Looking for a heavy-duty coat to battle the brutal winter weather? There are plenty of those too. Or maybe you're in need of a light layer if you're a Los Angeleno like me—I also threw in some stylish shackets into the mix. Keep scrolling to see them all, and just know, you'll likely leave this story with a new coat in the mail en route. 

Moto Jackets

Just my opinion: Everyone needs a classic biker jacket. This one covers all the bases: it's real leather, decently priced, and elegantly minimal.

When it's cold, faux-shearling lining certainly ups the ante.

A muted aquamarine moto is the perfect way to switch things up.

Look like a (stylish) teddy bear.

Already have your core moto jacket? Try a studded version for a dramatic look.

Wool Coats

Take note of this styling. It's so good.

The sharp tailoring and gold buttons remind me of a vintage gem you'd spot in Paris.

I wouldn't mind being wrapped in this 24/7.

Jacquard coats are one of those things that are an acquired taste, but once you know how to style them, they're incredibly chic.

Not sure how practical this coat is for warmth, but it sure is beautiful and unique.

A limited-edition find, this coat could easily pass for designer. 

Black coats can be a bore, but the addition of faux fur cuffs creates some welcomed drama.

This subdued shade of sage is so lovely.

Puffer Coats

I have a love-hate relationship with puffer coats, but I'd happily wear this one on repeat. The cropped length looks really flattering with high-waisted jeans or skirts.

A sophisticated cloud coat for your senses.

Just imagine wearing this monochrome outfit during winter. So chic!

Without a doubt, this will keep you warm.

If Nanushka's famed faux-leather puffer coats are financially out of reach right now, this seems like a great alternative.

Faux Fur

This is practically made for the holiday season.

I love adding a luxurious faux-fur coat to jeans and a T-shirt for an effortless, low-key look.


I'll have one in every color, please.

Leather is always a good idea this time of year.

My idea of the perfect west-coast layer.