Surprise: Cloud Coats Are Proving to Be the Smartest Fall Buy of 2021

Like it or not, it's time to start thinking about winter coats. As painful as that may be for some, let's at least look on the bright side: There's a great outerwear trend brewing. If you buy just one this year, make it a cloud coat. Truth be told, the trend started heating up last winter, and it's gone full-force for F/W 21. So what is a cloud coat, and how is it different from a puffer, you ask? Let's discuss.

In general, a puffer is a very warm, casual coat style that usually zips up and often has a hood. It's quilted but the quilting is using large and simple. A cloud coat, on the other hand, is usually thinner than a puffer and often features smaller quilting, such as diamond shapes, hourglasses, or even flowers. It also is typically a bit dressier than a puffer and usually has buttons or snaps as opposed to a zipper. As for the neckline, it may be collared or resemble a bomber jacket. And like a puffer, it's typically made of nylon.

Cloud coats have been trending all over Instagram as of late (since it doesn't have to be freezing to wear one), and we're inspired to get one of our own. Scroll to see how fashion girls are wearing them, and shop the best ones.

This is the cloud coat fashion people are freaking out over.

This colorful Zara option should cure the winter blues (no pun intended).

This perfect everyday coat is at the top of our wish list.

Cloud coat trend



Barbour is the heritage brand that practically invented quilted coats.

Buying a belted coat is always a smart decision.

This is another fashion person favorite, and we can see why.

The sheen on this one is so pretty.

Get it before it sells out (because it will).

You're going to get so many compliments on this.

The model is wearing this one with sweatpants, and now we want to wear it with sweatpants.

Cloud coat trend



Leave it to Zara to make the perfect cloud coat.

It also comes in green and black, and we honestly can't decide.

This is the perfect October and November jacket.

Cloud coat trend



A vegan-leather version looks so luxe.

Cloud coat trend



This top-rated option is so classic and trendy at once.