We Tried On the Biggest Spring Trends at Zara—These Ones Were Perfect

Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her The Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves with you.

Mimi and I know Zara like the back of our hands. While some might champion that as an accomplishment, it's more often than not our biggest weakness as it results in us spending way too much time and money obsessing over the retailer. Instead of keeping all of our Z knowledge to ourselves, we started this dressing room series (along with The Devils Wear Zara) as a way to inform you on the latest and greatest happenings in the Zara world.

Today, we're here for another round of photographing some of our favorite finds from inside brick-and-mortar Zara stores across New York (Lauren) and Los Angeles (Mimi). The theme this time around was spring trends. To be completely honest with you, for some reason, the stores didn't have a ton of the trends currently sold online, so we really had to work with what we got. That being said, we still have quite a handful of really fun spring 2019 items ahead including tie-dye, tangerine, your go-to spring dresses, and more.

Below, see all the candid dressing room pics and read our honest reviews of each piece that made the cut.


"This is like a neutral tie-dye for people who aren't into tie-dye. The black and white make it way easier to wear than a rainbow/pastel tie-dye. The little tie cropped detail makes it cuter than your average oversize tee. Cute with denim shorts or whatever you're into." —Mimi Postigo

"I am really into the tie-dye trend, but it's already one of those trends that everyone is wearing and that kind of annoys me. This denim matching set felt like a fresh take on the print, which is why I was drawn to it. The jacket has these slits on the side which sounds weird, but it was really cool." — Lauren Eggertsen 


"Tangerine is the one color I'm most excited to wear this spring and summer. I normally don't wear bright hues but it feels so right—and less intimidating to wear than slime green. I also love the length of this as a midi dress. I would prob wear with a cropped denim jacket and sandals." — Mimi 

"I have been wanting a tweed set for a while now, and this tangerine one felt like the best option. I love the skirt on its own with a tank (that look is coming up) or paired with the blazer like so. Since everyone has been wearing head-to-toe beige lately, this hue felt like a nice departure." — Lauren 

Baby Tanks

"I know this looks truly basic, but I have about six variations of a white tank and wear one every week. They're perfect for jeans, with skirts, shorts, legit anything—and this cropped one hits at just the right spot. Also, it's not even $10, so what are you even waiting for? I'm feeling like this will look way better once I have a tan, so I'm gonna go work on that…" — Mimi

"I am so into a '90s-inspired baby tank top this season. It might not feel like a trend, but I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of this basic floating around the sartorial world paired with everything from tailored trousers to midi skirts and more." — Lauren 

Easy Dresses

"These smocked scrunchy top dresses and shirts for spring are my vibe. This is the kind of dress you'll reach for every single weekend. Just get it, fam." — Mimi

"I am not typically a gingham girl, but this dress felt a grown-up version that I could wear without feeling like a toddler. The fit is surprisingly nice for a body-con dress, and the slit adds a surprising feature. It's perfect to wear with strappy sandals like I did here, but can easily see it paired with sneakers, wedges, and more." — Lauren 

Utility Pants

"These pants are almost like sweatpants, but I really think they're chill. You'd think they're super grunge but with a strappy heel, I feel like you could wear them out. Also, I love a pocket." — Mimi

Shell Accessories

"Show me a more perfect bag for spring. I can guarantee this bag would get 100 compliments and people would ask where it's from. It's also not totally mini, so you can fit your phone and other necessities in it. I'm sold." — Mimi

Spring Suiting

"To be honest, this looked horrible on me, but I am including it because it would look really great on someone else! The color is so fun, and I think you could get really creative with the styling. I can even picture it all dolled up for a fun spring night-out look. Am I crazy?" — Lauren 

Square-Toe Sandals

"These shoes are so popular, we even wrote an entire story dedicated to them. They are the perfect wear-with-everything spring/summer sandal, so their popularity came as no surprise to me. I think they look expensive, feel comfortable, and will elevate any warm-weather look of my choosing." — Lauren

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