The Minimalist's Guide to Y2K Style for Summer

When you think of Y2K style—aka the trend that's taken over the fashion world as of late—it's easy to immediately go to a place of butterflies, glitter, body chains, and pink. After all, those are the most in-your-face (and thus memorable) parts of the era. That makes up a lot of what we're seeing represented in its comeback, but surely, that's not all there is to it.

Luckily for those of us on the simpler side of the dressing spectrum, there were tons of pieces and micro-trends within Y2K that also spoke to a more minimalist approach to fashion, making it easy to hop on board without feeling like you have to overdo it or stray too far from your own personal sense of style. Below, I'm outlining six items that can help you do just that, with the outfit inspiration and shopping picks to go along with each. Curious about what made the cut? To get started, simply keep scrolling for the perfect minimalist Y2K shopping list to help those of us with more classic style still get the look. 

1. Baby Tees & Tanks

Pair the slightly shrunken basics with everything and anything this season.

2. Low-Rise Pants

Whether you're team jeans, trousers, or both, consider taking the rise down a few inches for a look that's more of-the-moment.

3. Baguette Bags

Minimalist Y2K Style



Odds are you probably already own one baguette bag or several, but if you don't, I've included some of my favorites that are currently on the market below.

4. Miniskirts

Pair yours with anything from a classic button-down to one of the aforementioned baby tees or tanks.

5. Strapless Dresses

Whether long or short, there's something about the simple strapless dress that's always elegant while feeling distinctly Y2K.

6. Strappy Sandals

Minimalist Y2K Style



It wouldn't be summer without a strong selection of heeled sandals, but before you buy, consider a strappier pair to make your look feel more on-trend all season long.