8 Summer Trends I Never Thought I'd Wear Again—Joke's on Me

Old Summer Trends That Are Back for 2022

There comes a point in every trend's lifecycle where after a period of peaking, it finally reaches a low. Sometimes, that low can last years, others decades, but time and time again, it's been proven that the strong majority always do come back—even those we least expected. We've seen it in both fashion and beauty with, for better or worse, everything from animal print to blue eye shadow rearing its head every once in a while. 

Just this summer, there are (at least) eight throwback pieces truly can't believe have not only returned but have grown even on me once again. From platform mules which I've already started to dabble in to low-rise jeans that I will soon be approaching with caution and plenty in between, below you'll find the summer-ready trends that are back from the dead and very much alive. To see, read about, and shop my picks for each one, simply keep scrolling.

1. Butterflies

Shocked? Same, but something about seeing butterfly-shaped and butterfly-print clothes, shoes, and other accessories literally everywhere (thanks to brands like Cult Gaia and Blumarine) has gotten me hooked on the niche Y2K comeback. 

Old Summer Trends That Are Back for 2022



Think cargos but extra flowy and with drawstrings at the ankle to give you the option of wearing them wide-leg or tight at the ankles.

3. Barbie shoes

I've already talked about this trend at length, but if you haven't already heard: Barbie shoes are everywhere right now, and I've already started wearing them myself.

4. Popcorn texture

Now, this one really threw me for a loop but there's no denying how good Ali Tate Cutler looks in her Mara Hoffman dress! It didn't take much else to convince me.

Maybe it's because I'm seven months pregnant and high rise is out of the question, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that over the last few months, the semi-frightening low-rise jean trend has actually grown on me.

6. Y2K dresses

Think ruffles, halters, tight, short, pink, strapless and/or any combination of the above. In other words, it's the quintessential going-out dress from the era without the added oversize belt or layered pants styling that will haunt red carpet photos forever.

7. Colorful crochet

Even with Coachella talk (finally) behind us, I'm still drawn to the colorful crochet trend that's cropped up amongst all my favorite brands including Etro, Miu Miu, Valentino, The Attico, and more.

Old Summer Trends That Are Back for 2022



I almost said "These aren't your old jelly sandals," but, honestly, they kind of are. So, if you held on to them feel free to bring them back now and, if not, shop the pairs I'm loving now below.