5 Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym


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Though there are no set dressing rules when it comes to your workout attire, there are few unspoken practices to follow that ensure you're reaping the full benefits of your hour-long exercise routine. So yes, there are things you should and should not sport at your fitness studio, and we decided to highlight five of the worst things to wear to the gym. Any guesses as to what some of the biggest offenders are?

Ahead, read our list of things to skip the next time you're at the gym, as well as what you should pick or do instead of the workout offenders. Trust us—following these simple tidbits of advice will make your workout 10 times more effective and efficient.

1. Clothing That's Made of 100% Cotton

Cotton pieces more easily absorb sweat and moisture, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So skip workout attire rendered in 100 percent cotton, and instead, opt for leggings, sports bras, and tops designed in a sweat-wicking fabric. Pro tip: Most product descriptions address this (i.e., the material), so make sure to read before clicking "Add to Cart."

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2. Jewelry

This seems like an obvious one, but people still manage to forget to take off their dainty necklaces, rings, or earrings before hitting the gym. It's safest to leave it at home, so before you head out the door and onto the treadmill, take a look in the mirror to make sure you don't have any jewels on you. Then, swap those shiny accessories for gym-friendly ones, like a good sweat-wicking headband or a fitness tracker.

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3. Your Regular, Everyday Bra

Never wear your everyday bra to the gym, as this does not provide the necessary support while working out. Instead, put on a good sports bra that has a good fit and hold. (Note: Toss that super-stretched out sports bra, too).

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4. Baggy Clothing

This is a big no, no. Not only does oversized, baggy clothing interfere with your workout (and can even get stuck in the machines), but it's harder to see if your muscle are being worked properly—an important thing to consider if you're working with a personal trainer. So, pick pieces that are fitted, skipping super-tight picks as well.

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5. Makeup

This one is so simple and super important. Before you hit the gym, make sure to take off all your makeup (or bring your trusty face wash with you to then use in the locker room). If you work out and sweat with a face full of makeup on, dirt and oil will build up underneath your foundation, and this, in turn, leads to breakouts.

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