Editors Cringe Every Time They See This Styling Mistake


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You may or may not be surprised by this, but although we are fashion editors, there's really not a lot that makes us tick when it comes to fashion "mistakes". With that being said, ask our talented (if I do say so myself) editors here at Who What Wear which styling mistakes make them quake in their boots, and their answers might surprise you. None of the lovely ladies ahead went on to criticize personal style, colors, labels, etc.—instead they touched on little outfit nuances that make a huge difference to your overall look.

After receiving each of the responses below, I can humbly admit that I am victim to each of these fashion mistakes, but never again. Are you too guilty of the worst fashion mistakes, according to our editors? Scroll down to find out, and shop a handful of products that will ensure you're looking 100% every time.

Nicole Akhtarzad, Market Editor

"As someone who obsessively tailors everything, I cringe when I see people wearing things that are in need of some seamstress love. Whether it's a hem that's too long or a dress that needs to be taken in at the waist, it's all about the fit for me."

Kristen Nichols, Associate Editor

"I'm all about trying new fashion trends (Experiment! Have fun!), but I never think it's a good idea to pile on too many trends in one outfit."

Michelle Scanga, Managing Editor

"Oh, this is so bad to me—wearing white socks with ankle boots and the socks kind of peek out from the boots. I only consider this a mistake when it's obvious that wasn't the wearer's intention. If you're going for a cool sock and boot moment, be my guest, but there's definitely a difference in my book. My suggestion is to buy a pair of thin black socks and wear those with all your ankle boots."

Allyson Payer, Editor

"I don't like seeing a long, untucked top with high-waisted jeans. An outfit looks so much cleaner, polished, and more flattering when the jeans are worn with a cropped or tucked-in top."

Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor

"It always bothers me when a cute outfit is ruined by an overworked, scuffed, or dirty handbag. I'm not saying you have to go out and buy a designer bag, but ignoring the fact that your handbag (and accessories overall) can make or break your look is a mistake I always tend to notice."

Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor

"I tend to always notice when someone's wearing too tight of clothing overall (on the top and bottom), like a pair of ultra skinny jeans worn with a tight-fitting shirt. On the other hand, the outfits I always notice as being particularly stylish involve a balance of form-fitting and relaxed silhouettes, like a looser button-down shirt tucked into skinny jeans."

Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor 

"I'm definitely not a fan of exposed bra straps—I think it looks a little tacky. (And I definitely cringe at the thought of those clear-strap bras people used to wear in junior high.) A trusty strapless bra should solve most summer blouse dilemmas, but if not, I'd personally rather pass on a cute top if I can't wear a bra with it."

Aemilia Madden, Editor

"I cringe when jeans have gone saggy, especially in the backside. Having lived through a few pairs of ill-fitting jeans myself, it's one thing I hope to never experience again."

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief 

"It always makes me feel slightly secondhand embarrassed when people haven't cut the placeholder 'X' stitch on their coat vent in the back. It almost makes it worse that the person wearing it can't see it!"

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