Sorry, But These Airport Outfits Always Make Me Cringe

As someone who travels a good bit and has a tendency to observe what people are wearing (hey, that's my job!), I think it's safe to say I have opinions when it comes to airport outfits. (And shoes, as you'll see here.) I'm extremely careful when choosing my airport outfits, as they have to check so many boxes and serve so many purposes, so the topic of what not to wear is something I've put quite a lot of thought into.

I do think there's a happy medium when it comes to airport attire. Obviously, most people wouldn't dream of wearing some of the getups (i.e., miniskirts, crop tops, high heels, etc.) that celebrities wear to the airport, but I, for one, also wouldn't dream of wearing an outfit that could pass as pajamas to the airport. There are a few especially cringe-worthy outfits that I repeatedly see in terminals—read on to find out what they are, and to get the lowdown what to wear instead.

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