We Test-Drove Airport Outfits From Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, and More

As you know, we talk about celebrity airport style a lot, but does it influence what we actually wear to the airport? Good question! While we may not always study the latest celeb airport looks when rushing to choose our own travel outfits, we're certainly subconsciously influenced. But for this little experiment, we actually did our research and wore outfits that were inspired by their outfits. 

So how'd it go? Honestly, easier than you'd think. When you're scrambling to pack, figuring out what to wear to the airport (or train station or car trip) can be kind of an afterthought, so it was nice to put some thought into it in advance. And much of what celebrities wear to the airport is pretty casual and accessible, so that helps.

Ready to see how our editor in chief, senior market editor, and more pulled off our chosen celeb travel outfits? You know what to do.

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

The Bella Hadid inspiration:
Bella Hadid airport


Gotham/GC Images

On Bella Hadid: Off-White puffer; Wolford Colorado String Bodysuit ($250); Prada bag; Converse sneakers

Kat's take:
Kat Collings outfit



"Oftentimes at the airport, I end up dressing in a weird mix of frumpy and preppy. In an attempt to look polished, I usually go for a button-down shirt, which inevitably feels preppy, and then the rest of my clothes are super comfortable aka frumpmaster 3000. It's not great. Bella Hadid of the sporty, edgy, youthful aesthetic was a natural source of inspiration to help course-correct my inclinations. After a test drive, I learned two important airport outfit lessons from Bella's LAX look. I usually don't travel wearing much jewelry lest it be uncomfortable, and while I skipped her hoops, I'm a big fan of the layered necklaces. Yes, I did set off the metal detector, but it made me feel like my outfit was intentional and like I hadn't let travel compromise my fashion. Win! Secondly, Bella's look reminded me that black on black is always chic and even slightly edgy; a failsafe combo that everyone can rely on."

Kat's take:
Kat Collings airport outfit



"Knit set, where have you been all my life? Selena Gomez knew about it, and now I do too. It's as comfortable as leggings, but at least 100% more stylish. The snakeskin cardigan and pants I wore are especially great. The cardigan is absolutely on trend, and the crop is perfect. I won't wear anything else for longer flights now. Selena's move to wear a long outer layer is also key. I don't feel especially comfortable wearing a formfitting outfit to the airport, so the coat works double duty to keep things cozy in freezing planes and makes me feel less like I'm showing off my booty to strangers. No one's probably looking, but I felt more comfortable that way anyway."

Anna LaPlaca, Associate Editor

The Sienna Miller inspiration:
Sienna Miller airport


Niceguy/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

On Sienna Miller: Wrangler jeans; Proenza Schouler bag; Prada boots

Anna's take:
Best airport outfit



"As a rule of thumb, I always try to wear my heaviest pieces on the plane to save on space in my suitcase, and on a recent trip, that big-ticket item happened to be this camel overcoat. I noticed how Sienna Miller wore hers over a crisp white tee, jeans, and ankle boots and decided to emulate her combo with my own staple pieces. While this look couldn't have been easier to put together (I'm pretty sure everyone has versions of these items in their closet), the one thing that failed me was my decision to wear rigid, high-waisted jeans aboard my five-hour flight. Nope, next time I plan to re-create this with slouchy or stretch denim for the same (but much more comfortable) effect."

Bobby Schuessler, Senior Market Editor

The Gigi Hadid inspiration:
Gigi Hadid airport


Bobby's take:
Men's airport outfit idea



"I like to stick to my uniform when I travel but dial up the comfort element. Typically, my go-to day-to-day look would be a black sweater, skinny jeans, a moto jacket, and boots, but I followed Gigi Hadid's suit here and swapped in cozy joggers instead of denim and classic sneakers rather than booties. I also chose a sleek coat for practical purposes (ahem, winter) but also because a wool coat brings an easy polish to the overall vibe."

The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley inspiration:
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley airport



On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Low Classic blazer; Wardrobe NYC bodysuit and leggings; Ralph Lauren bag; Celine shoes

Kristen's take:
Chic airport outfit



"For travel, I'm all about comfort, so a matching cashmere set has become my airport uniform. So it looks less like pajamas, I add an oversize blazer, which instantly makes the look read as polished—a trick I learned from one of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's recent outfits at JFK."

The Jennifer Lopez inspiration:
J.Lo airport look


Splash News
Judith's take:
Leggings airport outfit



"These days, I'm opting for practicality and comfort when I travel, especially when I'm traveling with my baby. An all-black ensemble like this J.Lo outfit is warm, comfortable, and perfect for covering up routine baby spills! The white sneakers keep the look clean, and a chic, neutral overcoat adds just the right amount of polish. A sleek and stylish tote bag is a must to throw in all the essentials."

Allyson Payer, Senior Editor

The Kaia Gerber inspiration:
Kaia Gerber airport style


Diggzy/Splash News

On Kaia Gerber: Nour Hammour blazer; Converse sneakers

Allyson's take:
What to wear for travel



"While my outfit might not be identical to Kaia Gerber's, she inspired me to wear all black and sneakers. It's impossible to not look put-together when wearing a black outfit, and it's also a practical choice since it's hard to stay pristine when traveling. Now that I think about it, I hardly ever wear color when I travel, but I wear plenty of color typically. Food for thought."

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